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Chuan has been a hubbub of the acquisition of GE Haier household appliances business, Haier last weekend was denied. Qingdao Haier said on the weekend of the notice, Haier has not involved in the acquisition of such matters.

Prior to the U.S. GE-General intends to sell home appliances business, valued at 5 billion sale of -80 billion dollars. And then there are those Korea-LG, Electrolux of Sweden, such as shadow.

Haier as the Chinese white goods giant, in recent years, overseas expeditions were lost, GE had become the focus of attention of most people. But the face of the huge purchase price, net profit last year was 10 billion Haier more determined to make this.

Haier’s announcement last weekend that the company has yet to participate in the acquisition of GE appliance business matters. China Merchants Securities analyst Li Yang, Haier acquired the low possibility of GE appliances business. From the end of last year to the performance of the first quarter of this year, Haier’s rapid growth rate of white goods business, not necessarily to expand through the acquisition of GE strength. And the United States and the debt crisis, the international market demand decline for the domestic market by raising interest rates, tightening monetary policy implications of the acquisition of bulk business more cautious. Haier if the acquisition of GE are facing rapid expansion of equity, debt ratio, cash flow shortage and so on.


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Seoul Gates “naked tax”, Tang Jun, Chen Tianqiao, Charles Zhang, Robin Li, Shi Yuzhu, and so many Chinese IT company to Regal Morning News yesterday through careful to express his own attitude: While appreciation is covered Mainz acts, but can not be done, because companies are still relatively young, the future will be how to manage their wealth, it is still too early to discuss now.

As in previous disaster relief contributions, some netizens accountability not part of a relatively small contributions or contributions to the business makes many IT tycoons of wealth and charitable cause Chuyanjinshen. Yesterday, a number of IT at the Regal, the other side of the calls or not, or do not want to comment on this or let’s find a company public relations departments. An online gaming company spokesman said, Gates is using his own actions will be to a charity Bagao difficult to match the height, it is worth learning, but the fact is the Chinese system with the United States have differences, the Chinese believe that these tycoons have their own IT Thought and action, it is not yet mature enough, so now choose low-key treatment.

“If you have a glass of water, you can enjoy alone, if you have a bucket of water, stored in the home can enjoy slowly, if you have a river, the Institute should be shared with others.” Gates, who work at Microsoft for 10 years “China The first professional manager, “Tang Jun said yesterday, many IT companies founder of the accumulation of wealth at best be regarded as” a bucket of water “, but often come up with all the expectations and to share, otherwise it would be subject to public opinion Kouzhubifa. In fact, to do charitable people should have more tolerance.

Tang Jun said, surrounded by his many friends and have started to do charitable efforts, although Gates is far from over, but I think the future will be more people concerned about charity, a position more and more people will join To the charitable cause, “Maybe not all of the assets donated, but 20%, 30%, 50% or even more, the Chinese entrepreneurs in the future will appear.”

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More and cheaper digital SLR cameras, this two-day “China International Machinery video camera equipment and technology exposition,” the most-on exhibits, and according to Exhibitor Canon forecasts, the prices of such products during the year will trend Continued. “But you can not count on a digital SLR camera dropped to 3,500 yuan.” Canon China’s vice president of Jigang Da Health in an interview with reporters, said.

Now, with the camera manufacturers in the field of “price cuts” big move, more people can afford to start with the original very expensive digital SLR cameras, in addition to some quasi-professional and professional-machine remains more than 7,000 yuan High, the number of entry models have reached the price of 5,000 yuan, Jigang Da pointed out that “prices will continue this year, but the future may be reduced to 4,000 yuan less the following.”

Jigang Da Health, in the Chinese market, digital SLR cameras will be set at a mainstream price points “from 5,000 to 7,000 yuan.” But he does not think that should be overly concerned about price, “because the Chinese market the most concern is not price.” Jigang Da Health told reporters that the prices of digital SLR cameras tide is to promote the popularity of such products, but in China and Japan, consumers more concerned about the performance, “but you better sell the product, such as price Close to 2 million EOS5D, the best selling market is China, I understand the Chinese consumers, they always want their own unique digital SLR cameras, price cuts alone can not pull the market. ”

Functionality and ease of use in making will become more important to expand market share means. Jigang Da Sheng said, according to the camera sales experience in the film of the era, a mature market as long as 10 cameras will be sold with Taiwan is an SLR camera, “and now in China, in the digital SLR digital camera The sales ratio of the market only 6%, so that space is enormous, we may have the opportunity to break the Curse of 10 to 1. “

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Samsung Electronics recently produced the world’s largest production size of the first 82-inch LCD monitor in its Tianjin plant off the assembly line, the first batch of products will be used in airport and the Stock Exchange. In response to China’s large-screen display needs of the explosive growth of the market, Samsung plans to build a second Chinese LCD plant, amount of investment is estimated to be 500 million U.S. dollars, the company is in the site.

The eighth generation panel production technologies based on the introduction of the Model 820 DXn, before breaking the 700 DXn from Samsung to maintain the largest LCD production world record. The LCD also has a high degree of intelligent standby, the effect Jiang Li, the advantages of low energy consumption, the standby power consumption less than 1 W.

According to reports, this large-screen LCD displays, such as the airport has applied to broaden our horizons of public space. Prior to meet the needs of the Capital Airport terminal T3, Samsung will have the first batch of 70-inch large-screen displays used in the airport’s T3 terminal public display system.

In addition, the Shanghai Stock Exchange through a public bidding and purchasing also selected the Samsung 46-inch professional big-screen monitors, and a 4 x2 and 2 x6 use of the mosaic, and to monitor lamp life and high stability and high user access to the praise.

The industry that, along with display technology advances and the level of public information dissemination and upgrading large-size professional video display devices are advertising media, chain, traffic management, energy production and government agencies a wide range of popular, market demand prospects are bright. To meet market demand, Samsung Electronics launched a 40-inch, 46 inches, 57 inches, 70 inches, 82-inch-wide series of large-size LCD monitors.

Samsung Electronics vice president of marketing for the Greater China region said Qu Jingdong, taking into account China’s strong market demand, the future will increase in the Chinese market promotion, and will establish a second LCD plant. 2007, Samsung replenishment of nearly 100 million U.S. dollars to expand Samsung LCD factory in Suzhou two, to double the capacity to produce 5 million units in size.

2006 to 2007, more than the Samsung 46-inch large-screen LCD sales jumped from 100 to 6,000, including the Beijing Olympic venues cubic meters of water, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and other world-renowned manufacturers and major public facilities and information Ads are a Samsung display products and solutions.

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Gates interview also acknowledged that “all companies will eventually be replaced,” so he can not face up to a Microsoft’s future, because some people are likely to bring some of that ground-breaking innovations, like his own in the last century 1970s on the computer industry has done.

As the private wealth explosive growth, charitable contributions now have unprecedented social significance. But as entrepreneurs and managers, these people want everything possible to ensure that the money in the right place. They also have another problem: how to treat their children »Despite the hearts of human instinct and tradition, but their children will no longer be taken for granted the first heir.

How can we be heirs and charitable acts considered »Warren Buffett might find the answer. He not only quite natural investment, it seems that the donation is also full of wisdom. In addition to the Gates Foundation’s donation, he will also invest its carrier Berkshire Hathaway same amount of stock donated by his three children the operation of several foundations. Each of these contributions may be worth more than 1 billion U.S. dollars.

No Gates of Microsoft

Although Gates has already given notice of retirement two years ago, the company has been set for the blueprint for the development, but speculation outside the influence of the very Gates, Microsoft may not be able to fill the position after he left. A spokesman for consultant Forrester Research Charlene Li means: “After the departure of Bill Gates, Microsoft will lose focus of focus, and can lead the staff of the People.”

Analysis of the outside world, lost Gates, Microsoft, at least in a few years, rely on Windows, Office operating systems, servers, and game consoles Xbox, IT software and other IT products, still can control the global market, the average absorption of a week 100 million U.S. dollars, is a Web search engine giant Google’s nearly four-fold. However, Microsoft seems to have powerful portfolio of the times, technology writer Bei Tele described in the 1970s is “IBM” (IBM) Corporation of the world, in the 1990s to rule by Microsoft today, is Google’s Era.


Fund itself is a positive form of investment. Rather than directly into supplies. I think this very well, because sitting fresh mountain air, and if the money to make money, it is undoubtedly more effective play its role. As for the price to make money, you cite a few although there are adverse effects, but should not be seen as the adverse effects of “evil”, because the law does not prohibit them, just like the risks of stock speculation, but not one-sided view, such as car The impact on the environment, not one-sided view, otherwise I doubt whether a certain moral Jiepi! Everything is a legitimate investment, no one can make irresponsible remarks.

a single cent will not be left to their children. Jiuping they are the descendants of Gates Are not they also raised eyebrow of the, ah, Ha ha.

business is Washington, the other declined to comment.

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“Wall Street Journal” reports said Thursday, HP will reorganize its printer business, the business unit merging the existing five to three, to improve efficiency.

“Wall Street Journal” reported that this statement is the printer company Vyomesh Joshi, head of the network broadcasting the announcement to staff. According to the plan, HP will be its laser printer business and commercial printers Department of the Ministry of joint operations, adjusted for graphics business unit, the inkjet printer business and consumer operations of the Department of the merger.

Before, HP printers cut its departments, Idaho, Oregon and Washington state branch of the hundreds of employees, however, HP said the restructuring will be carried out massive layoffs.

HP’s printer business has long been a profitable business one of the largest companies, but, in recent years, individual consumers and business users are less and less use of the printer. The first two quarter of this year, Hewlett-Packard printer sector realized profits of 2.38 billion U.S. dollars.

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With Google in the search market “dominance” gradually strengthen, many industry believes that the search market of the game is over, market participants can be given the opportunity to rest just on Google on the basis of secondary development. However, at present there are still some search market could change this situation trend.

Many business enterprises have realized that even if the search was only 1 percent of the market share, business also means a great success. Therefore, Google the future may not be another search giant beat, but thousands of small search company gradually eroded.

Following is the 11 most likely caused by the impact of the Google search trends.

1. Natural language search

Studied artificial intelligence and natural language search users are aware, “paris” and “apple” and other words have a variety of meanings, Google can not search for keywords in a single distinction between different meanings. Therefore the development of natural language search is to break the current situation will be an important driving force, but the search code more complex, higher search costs.

2. Internet search infrastructure and opening up

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft’s widely accepted that one of the reasons is that they had adequate search engine optimization, but some marginal users still face difficulties. In addition, self-procurement and cataloguing the entire network server for many businesses is too high. At present, Yahoo, Microsoft and Amazon has been gradually opening to the outside world of Internet search infrastructure.

3. Yahoo Search Monkey may never have to counterattack

Search Monkey is open Yahoo Internet search part of the infrastructure, but Yahoo is not likely to have been recognized in the case of unfair competition to defeat Google. However, Yahoo may take such measures: “This is our present to complete the development of the people welcome any attempt to continue to develop.”

4. Wikipedia will continue to try to profit

Powerset has search engine to narrow in the Wikipedia search on the target range, but Freebase also use Wikipedia as a core data sources. Wikipedia’s structure and standardization of the search engine is very useful, and its “history” feature to track the source of data to improve the credibility of the search results.

5. Core search technology is still investment

New search technology is still some investment, this phenomenon with Google in the search market, a dominance of the situation is not consistent. For example, Blekko only site in just a prototype of the circumstances on access to 2 million U.S. dollars investment, and Cuill more in April was 25 million U.S. dollars of funds. In fact, those investors are smart people, time will prove that their move is correct.

6. Image Search of development

How to search pictures, video and audio is still on the hot computer engineers. However, the preparation of such a search engine to the code, and search high cost. The nature of competition in this field is how to do under the circumstances of low-cost “good enough.”

7. Blog label (Tag) function may not be conducive to Google

Many network management and blog in the article by adding labels, so that Google can have access to these articles. But this may not be equally beneficial to Google. Other search engines may have adopted some measures to change the habits of the user’s label, the label and user may change a little bit of Google’s search results caused the overall impact.

8. White list stop spam

For search engines and e-mail service, spam is a big problem, white list is the way to solve this problem. In the search area, users can search through the Google Custom Search Monkey or Yahoo search to determine the scope. This only one person can complete.

9.P2P the development of search

P2P search through all the search work do not need to focus on multiple servers in the completion. Faroo site in this regard some work. P2P search rely on. Net technology, which is Microsoft’s advantage.

10. Relational database development

The data in the relational database is easy to search, and many sites have begun in the API used in the organization of the relational database. The future there will be more and more searches are not based on HTML pages.

11.Adwords the problems brought about

If there are no good profit strategy, all the search technology is insignificant. Advertisers want to buy a lower price search keywords, issuers would like to higher prices, and search users search engine to even hope that the return of cash.

These trends show that search engines are still in constant innovation. Google is involved in this innovative, Yahoo, Microsoft and Amazon is the same, then three more likely to become the next search to Jiaoju market.

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