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F5 Networks, Inc. today report 165.6 million U.S. dollars gain in the third quarter increased 4 percent compared with the second quarter of 159.1 million U.S. dollars and 25 percent with the same period of 132.4 million U.S. dollars last year.

GAAP net income of 19.1 million U.S. dollars (0.23 U.S. dollars per diluted share), while the second quarter of 17.7 million U.S. dollars (0.21 U.S. dollars per diluted share), compared with the same period last year, 21.8 million U.S. dollars (0.26 U.S. dollars per diluted share).

Get rid of after-tax stock-based compensation programme costs, non-GAAP net income of 30.2 million U.S. dollars (0.37 U.S. dollars per diluted share), while the second quarter of 28.9 million U.S. dollars (0.35 U.S. dollars per diluted share), compared with the same period last year, 30.3 million U.S. dollars (per diluted Unit 0.36 U.S. dollars).

F5 president and chief executive officer John McAdam said: “In the third quarter, our core application delivery controller (ADC) business further growth.”

“As we expected, Jigui Shi Wei Pu-long (VIPRION) controller is to promote income growth products a key element. Weipu Dragon’s sales in the large-scale Internet content and service provider market, especially popular, is expected exuberant The market demand will continue until the end of fiscal year 2008. Weipu-high-end product line for us the strength to make a significant contribution to sales, we believe that, today introduced a new entry-level ADC products will be on the low-end product sales Have a positive impact. BIG-IP 1600 and BIG-IP 3600 on behalf of the 2009 fiscal year will launch a new platform for the first batch of products, for the whole ADC product line lead to higher performance and more features. “

In addition to a stable revenue and earnings growth, in the third quarter the account receivables increased by 13 percent to 139 million U.S. dollars, while operating cash flow amounted to 56 million U.S. dollars. Deducted 50 million U.S. dollars which was used by the company to repurchase parts of ordinary shares, F5’s cash and investments amounted to 447 million U.S. dollars at the end of the quarter.

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July 28, according to foreign media reports, Goldman Sachs Group recently pointed out that the News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch (Rupert Murdoch) terms, the status of MySpace business is full of joys and tears. The pleasure thing is that MySpace has become a real profitable business, and the tragedy is the growth trend has slowed down.

According to Goldman Sachs is expected, Murdoch’s Internet business worth 3 billion U.S. dollars, and the figure is not based on MySpace and other Fox Interactive media assets to attract users by the number of visits, nor is it based on the revenues of these assets, but on the basis of their profits. This means that Murdoch’s MySpace and other Web assets has become a real profitable business.

News Corp. said in May this year, Fox Interactive Media’s profits will reach 900 million U.S. dollars, lower than previously expected 1 billion U.S. dollars. Although Murdoch does not meet expectations, but it is a profitable business. According to Goldman Sachs analyst Make Wei En Kaisi (Mark Wienkes) is expected, the 2008 FIM before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization profit (EBITDA) will reach 155 million U.S. dollars.

By contrast, Fox Interactive Media’s revenue increase is not very optimistic, there will be only 12%. In the United States, MySpace users have reached peak volume. With Facebook and other social networking sites of the growth of MySpace has brought to a lot of pressure.

Fortunately, this 12 percent of adding revenue will be achieved after the end of the three years’ contract between Fox Interactive Media and Google, the results can still be acceptable in the economic downturn today.

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July 23, according to foreign media reports, investment companies Zacks analyst Paul Kang on Tuesday reiterated that the rating of Sohu (Nasdaq: SOHU) stock be “buy” (Buy).

Paul Jiang investors report that the online game business because of the strong growth, 2008 first-quarter revenue and earnings per share exceeded analysts expectations. Sohu in 2008 first quarter gross margin was 76 percent, higher than last quarter’s 71 percent. Online gaming revenue of 41 million U.S. dollars over the same period last year increased by 24 times compared with last quarter increased by 71 percent. In addition, Sohu brand advertising revenues of 33.2 million U.S. dollars over the same period last year grew by 41 percent last quarter increased by three percent.

Although the company currently include brand advertising, online games, wireless value-added services and search services, such as different areas facing intense competition, but the company is still above the main competitor in various fields. We believe that Sohu in the next few quarters, will continue to maintain strong growth. We believe that the current Sohu shares have been undervalued. Therefore, we maintain the Sohu stock to “buy” (Buy).

Sohu shares equivalent to the current 2008 earnings per share guidance of 28.6 times, below the industry average and the majority of Chinese competitors. Sohu shares equivalent to the current 2009 earnings per share guidance of 23.3 times, below the industry average. Shares in accordance with the equivalent of 2009 expected earnings per share (3.25 U.S. dollars) of 26.2 times calculated, Zacks Sohu to determine the target price of 85 dollars, and believe that this price may reflect Sohu’s future development potential.

Sohu shares trade to close 78.24 U.S. dollars on the Nasdaq Stock Market, the session up 1.06 U.S. dollars, or 1.37 percent. In after-hours trading, Sohu shares fell 0.11 U.S. dollars, or 0.13 percent, to close at 78.13 U.S. dollars. In the past 52 weeks, Sohu shares a minimum of 27.30 U.S. dollars, up to 91.50 U.S. dollars.

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July 21, according to foreign media reports, the success of the product may not be the most innovative products, and the most innovative products may not be able to be successful. Following is the Microsoft and Apple’s 21 largest new and innovative technology, but unfortunately they failed.

Against the failure of technology, people would immediately think of Bob and Microsoft products such as IBM PCjr. In fact, these products basically not really great product, Bob from speaking their own creativity on the comparative failure. The success of the product is not necessarily a good idea or innovation, just at the right time in the right place only.

The following 21 technology is indeed a failure, but not because of the lack of merit, but because too ahead.

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Having conquered the desktop market, Google appears to be expanding in the field of mobile Internet dominance. Google currently shares 62 percent of U.S. mobile Internet search market, almost equivalent to that of desktop search market. In order to develop mobile search, Google recently created a mobile search site which is very similar with its desktop search site.

According to Nielsen Mobile’s data shows that Google SMS text search in the area are at the leading position, accounting for 40 percent of market share. Yahoo’s market share was 27 percent.

This is noteworthy, because the United States the use of mobile data messaging users search more than the number of mobile Internet search using the number. The former is 13.1 million, which was 11.4 million. Nielsen Mobile research manager Nic Covey said, because Yahoo rapid and extensive access to the mobile market in the mobile Internet continue to be the leading brands, Google, through various forms of mobile search (including SMS, 411 and WAP) has become the field of mobile search Leader.

So, the battle for mobile search ended? »Opus Research market research firm in charge of the local mobile search Research analyst Greg Sterling said that this struggle is not over. While mobile search is not a wide open field, but Google’s success in part because mobile devices will depend on whether the search and desktop search as important.

Sterling said to be most in need of mobile content do not need to search. Search may become an option to find the equipment did not provide the information as a secondary tool. Of course, Google has its own set of mobile applications. Google plans to launch this year, the allocation of its operating system Android phone promote these applications.

Sterling said, a short list of bookmarks or favorite sites maybe restore the importance of mobile site and reduce the demand for search.

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English domain names on the general international organizations or companies usually have. COM,. NET and. ORG three types can choose. In accordance with the provisions of its representative nature of the business or service are as follows:
. com for commercial organizations or companies
. net used for Internet-related network services to agencies or companies
. org for non-profit organizations, groups cn domain names include the type of domain names and administrative divisions of domain names,
Such as: Is in accordance with the type of domain name applications from the nature of the domain names, including:
AC scientific research institutions
COM industrial and commercial, financial, and other enterprises
EDU educational institutions
GOV government departments
NET Internet access network information centre (NIC) and Operation Center (NOC)
ORG various non-profit organization
You can choose the nature of your organization for your units to use the domain name.

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Today, contrary to industry analysts’s expectations, VMware replacement of the CEO, has long been in this role and is the founder Diane Greene left, replaced by Paul Maritz. Maritz has been working at Microsoft for 14 years and retired in 2000. He concluded by the company Pi Corporation (a cloud in the calculation of the start-up programme) in February this year was the parent company EMC acquired VMware. Today, the reasons for the personnel changes in the press release VMware find some clues:

…… Although VMware has not yet released the report of Q2, we expect 2008 full year earnings will be the last report in 2007 than the estimated 50 percent of the slightly lower growth……

GigaOM reports that shares slumped 30 percent so, and from the Green and EMC’s high-level friction in her resignation to speculate more for political reasons, rather than financial aspects. The Register said that more directly:

By the dismissal of VMware CEO Diane Greene, EMC head Joe Tucci investors to convey such a message – his personal preferences on a more comprehensive consideration of the interests on. This is absolutely not in a business leaders who should be seen, not to mention the past five years as investors did not matter how many……

In addition, ZDNet carefully weigh the open-source products, such as Xen and VirtualBox in the event of the component. Finally, may say the most important point:

…… It is worth noting that, VMware’s chief scientist Mendel Rosenblum is her husband. If the replacement is forced out of the parent company EMC, VMware may be in the whole management team in the domino effect triggered a massive……

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