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The professional investment institutions especially dedicated to private equity fund In China and Europe – Epiven recently pointed out that, in recent years as China’s reform and opening up and economic prosperity, more and more foreign capital were put into China. The European investment institutions (limited partners) who managed 100 billion euros is no exception. However, as there is no suitable channe and China’s investment environment and variable policy, the pace of private equity fund investment in domestic China is slowed down.
This report shows that in the next five years, major European private equity investors, will China’s private equity industry has a greater influence, China’s private equity general partner to help Europe’s limited partners a deeper understanding more clearly The Chinese market, the future is a very important task.

Large-scale capital

Jun-division enterprises selected more than 80 furniture representative of the European large institutional investors (limited partners), against them the next five years China’s private equity investment funds (general partner) with the idea of the trend survey. 59 of them in before the deadline to complete all the questionnaires. This 59 limited partnership to manage the 156 billion euros (nearly 244 billion U.S. dollars) of assets, representing 75 percent of the European private equity fund industry’s assets. These large European institutions limited partners are: the mother Fund (FoF), pension funds, asset management companies, endowment funds, insurance companies and private banks.

Investigation report showed that 88 percent limited partner in Europe said in the future five years will increase investment in China. 52% of the limited partners have targeted their funds to China’s private equity funds (general partner), the allocation of funds range from 1% to 15%. The European private equity fund limited partners for each additional 1 percent of the funds to China, is nearly the amount of 1.5 billion euros, equivalent to China’s private equity in 2007 Muzi 40 percent, and the proportion of impact is great .

European private equity fund limited partner in the investment of choice, in all developing countries, China ranked second (after Eastern Europe). China’s private equity funds raised by the investment amounted to only 0.17 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), and Eastern Europe (2 percent) and India (0.5%), China’s private equity fund industry’s growth model is different.

Interest in the new energy and resource-based enterprises

Private equity in Europe and the United States is a very mature business model, but China has only just begun. In this survey shows that a limited partner in Europe for China’s private equity investment fund is the first choice of leveraged buyout funds (buyout fund), followed by the Growth Fund (expansion fund). This private equity fund and China’s actual investment situation is exactly the opposite.

In considering the types of industrial investment, investment in China more limited experience of the European partners, new energy and natural resources have higher interest. They and the media communications and information technology (TMT) industries related to lower interest, which reflects the Chinese market is the real situation. This also implies that the Chinese have deep experience in the European limited partner gradually do as the Romans do.

It also specified that 31% of the limited partner in Europe, and China’s private equity-related cognitive very dissatisfied. In order to increase understanding of the Chinese market, a limited partner in Europe adopted by the way is the most frequently travel to China and take part in the seminar, but found the Chinese to find a good private equity fund of the general partner (GP) is still very difficult.

The European view of the limited partners to invest in China is the biggest risk for the whole of China and the regulatory environment, as well as in China to find a good general partner of capacity, only four percent of the low-return as one of the risks. 71% of the limited partners were chosen through the recommendation of trusted partners to understand the Chinese private equity fund of the general partner.

The European limited partner expect higher returns in China than in Europe. According to the real situation reported by the Chinese private equity, the actual return of the Chinese market will exceed the expectation of the European limited partner.


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Yesterday, Apple recently received reports that the body of iPodNano player was overheated, the survey proved that it was caused by the battery provided by external providers. Apple has not announced recalling plan, while Apple Chinese companies said that the Chinese Mainland had not received any similar reports.

Japan has recently reported that a three iPodNano fuselage overheating incidents. After Apple’s investigation, the fuselage from the overheating is a supplier of the lithium-ion batteries, Apple did not disclose the supplier’s name. Apple stressed that the fuselage of the overheating problems affect only the first generation iPodNano, but only in a very individual machines. “So far received no serious injuries or property loss was reported, also received no other similar iPodNano of the report.” Apple said.

Yesterday, Apple Chinese companies relavent executive said Apple has not announced recalling plan, and the Chinese Mainland had not received any similar reports.

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Olympic Games are carried out in full swing, while China’s Internet is also fiery red. The world’s leading media investment management newly released in 2008 China’s media industry forecasts that the holding of Olympics will stimulate online advertising. The online advertising revenue is expected to grow by 65% in 2008 and 40 percent in 2009.

Internet media in the digital media is not to outshine others. Kwan town as of the report also pointed out that China’s mobile media and LCD TV (LCD) of the overall volume of ads running faster than the growth of the Internet, is expected to reach 82 percent this year, next year is estimated to be 47 percent.

Overall, digital media this year and next year will continue to maintain high growth momentum. The development of digital media advertising to promote the rapid growth, both in the marketing sector is behind a revolution.

“12 years ago, we still accustomed to the traditional one-way marketing, consumers see in the message board left a negative evaluation, the marketing staff was also unacceptable.” Ogilvy Interactive CEO of the Asia-Pacific region in Kent Wertime Accept the “First Financial Daily” in an exclusive interview that, 12 years later, both large and small companies, based on the number of digital media marketing is essential to marketing executives homework.

Wertime pointed out that “if the enterprises to make good use of the correct figure, you can return to the figures.” Through technical means of access to consumer information, which may be directed to advertise the advantages of digital media. There is no doubt that if enterprises in access to information and inappropriate use of information will be disgusted by the consumer. Among these great way to handle the knowledge.

Wertime cited an example, if the enterprise to send investigators to visit, they tried to get mothers to children’s nutrition for information. “There is no doubt that this is likely to cause resentment mothers. But you for a way of the Internet publication that a test to detect mothers with their children’s nutrition is reasonable. The online test are often very attractive, The mothers are in a hurry to know whether or not qualified to do the same time, will also inadvertently disclose their spending habits to the enterprise. ”

In addition, digital media and traditional media is the biggest difference between the interactive. Wertime said that traditional media is the single advertisers want consumers to transmit information. And through a variety of digital media technology can take the initiative to attract consumers or search to find themselves, and to provide consumers with attractive content. “In the past consumers are looking for business, some consumers also like to take the initiative to search companies. Therefore, enterprises need to allow themselves to be the first time found and provide the content to attract consumers.”

Despite the rapid development of digital media, Wertime considered that digital media and traditional media will coexist for a long time in the future.

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August 15, according to foreign media reports, “The Wall Street Journal” columnist Kara Swisher recently quoted several sayings, Facebook former product marketing platform director Ben Ling will return to Google, being responsible for the Youtube Profit.
Google resignation last fall in the tide, the Jieming Lin and many executives have left and joined with Facebook. But as the Facebook platform product marketing for less than a year’s time, he announced the resignation. At that time, in an interview that he did not disclose the specific reasons for separation, but said: “Facebook is a tremendous organization, but if a better opportunity, I would choose to leave.” Facebook have lost the last four heavyweight executives, Benjamin Lin is one of them.

Earlier this Jieming Lin is Google payment system and e-commerce platform for the departments core staff. According to sources, the Google will be responsible for his return to the profitability of Youtube.

Jieming Lin returning to Google indicated that personnel dispute between Facebook and Google appears new situation. Earlier, several Google executives switched to Facebook, and the flow may be reversed in the future.

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Reporter was informed form from the Ministry of Finance on the 13th that the Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation recently issued a circular which shows the adjustment of auto consumption tax policy from September 1st, 2008. The tax rate of large consumption cars increases while that of the small consumption cars reduces.

According to reports, the auto consumption tax adjustments: First, improve the emission cars consumption tax rate, more than 3.0 liters in displacement to 4.0 liters (including 4.0 liters) of passenger cars, the tax rate from 15% to 25% , 4.0 liters in displacement of more than passenger cars, the tax rate from 20% to 40% of the displacement of small passenger cars is to reduce the consumption tax rate, 1.0 liters in displacement (including 1.0 liters) the following cars, Tax rate lowered from 3 percent to 1 percent.

Adjustment of auto consumption tax policy, aimed at curbing the emission of motor vehicles production and consumption, and encourage small-displacement motor vehicles production and consumption, to reduce the steam diesel consumption, reduce air pollution, promote the country’s energy-saving emission reduction targets can be achieved.

Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation also announced that since September 1, 2008 onwards on the part of passenger cars import of consumption tax adjustment, displacement of small passenger cars import consumption tax rate lowered, the emission cars import consumption tax Rate increase.

The passenger car import of consumption tax adjustment for specific policies: the cylinder capacity (displacement, the same below) below 1.0 liters (including 1.0 liters) of passenger cars import consumption tax from 3% down to 1%.

Will be above the cylinder capacity of 3.0 liters (not including the 3.0 liters) to 4.0 liters (including 4.0 liters) of passenger cars import consumption tax rate from 15% to 25%.

The importing consumption tax rate of passengers cars with larger than 4.0 liters cylinder capacity increase from 20% to 40%.

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August 13, 2008, wealthy website published an article that in order to get better search experience, Google adjusted search advertising in the search results on purpose, as a result, some advertisers reduced the number of ads on Google’s search advertising to Yahoo, Yahoo is benefitingfrom it.

According to marketing analysis firm Covario a report showed that the second quarter, many technology companies to reduce the advertising on Google’s search advertising budget, the switch to Yahoo. It was learned that these companies, including RIM, Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Lenovo, this part of search advertising budget of about 4 per cent of the total investment. Covario that this is the last two years, Yahoo’s paid search advertising growth for the first time.

However, for Google, advertisers this small change is not too serious matter. Most of those advertisers or advertising for on Google, according to the data Covario the second quarter, science and technology, advertisers have voted by the paid search ads in Google accounted for 81.2 percent, Yahoo 14.3 percent share, Microsoft accounted for only 4.3% .

Wall Street analysts pointed out that search advertising on this small change is not surprising, since Google to give users a better search experience, deliberately search advertising has made some adjustments in the search results only show that the right side of search advertising. For those who want ads in search results for other parts of the customer, is likely to change some of their ads on Yahoo to invest.

Thomas Weisel analyst Christa Quarles explained, “If I enter Harry Potter on Google to find, I do not see any search advertising, but if the Yahoo search on those keywords, there will be corresponding ads.’s Largest The problem is, Google in the search advertising on whether to begin a lack of initiative. ”

Google product management executives Jonathan Rosenburg said, Google will not change the original plan. In July Google’s earnings conference call, Rosenburg compared to acknowledge the past few quarters, the second quarter of search ads in search results show that the number has dropped, but the company has been committed to improving the quality of each ad. “Larry Page often said that the best we have in the search results to show one ad, one of the best advertising”, Rosenburg said.

If Google does not change the idea of concentrated essence, Yahoo could benefit more in the third quarter.

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U.S. Eastern Time at 16:05 on August 11 (SGT at 4:05 on August 12) – Internet giant (NYSE: GA) announced on Tuesday that it plans to released the 2008 second quarter unaudited financial report after the U.S. stock market was closed (SGT at 4:00 on August 28 after) on August 27, the U.S. eastern time. By then, investors can access giant network sites to view this performance report.

In addition, the giant network management will also be in this earnings release, in the U.S. eastern time at 8:00 on August 28, 2008 (SGT at 20:00 on August 28, 2008) held a conference call related to the interpretation earnings points, Analysts and investors and to answer questions.

The conference call to listen to the live audio users in the 10 minutes before the meeting Dial call:

Users in the United States: +1 (866) 362-4820;

Users in China: +86 10 800 130 0399;

The United States and China in areas beyond the user: +1 (617) 597-5315.

The conference call audio replay will also be carried out, time to continue the U.S. eastern time at 10:00 on September 27, 2008 (SGT at 22 o’clock on September 27, 2008), intends to listen to the conference call audio replay of the users Stubbs Following a Tel:

Users in the United States: +1 (888) 286-8010;

Outside users in the United States: +1 (617) 801-6888;

Listen to your password is “76760340.”

In addition, the telephone conference will give an internet live play or replay in the Investor Relations channel network.

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