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Both China Internet users and domain names rank first

Posted on: August 1, 2008

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According to the latest release of the 22 “China’s Internet development of the statistical report” showed that as at the end of June 2008, the number of netizens in China, and the number of broadband Internet domain name a few countries have been ranked first in the world. “China’s strength,” the quiet rise of the Internet is to map the pattern of change in strength.
According to China Internet Network Information Center, CNNIC released the first 22 Internet report, the number of China’s netizens reached 253 million, surpassing the United States as the world’s largest users of the country, and resources as a basis for the CN domain name countries, in promoting a variety of applications , Registration volume reached 12.188 million, beyond Germany DE domain names has become a country top-level domain name first in the world. Through these data, can clearly see, CN domain of the mainstream of national trend more evident, China has entered the ranks of the big countries, and gradually master the right to speak.

According to the statistical report released by the Internet data, Internet domain names in China’s resource base in the highest growth rate, China’s domain name registration total of 14.85 million, an increase of 61.8 percent. The most important pull factor is the CN domain name of the rapid development of national, year-on-year growth rate of more than 90 percent, accounting for 80% of the total domain names in China, showing the COM domain names, such as the absolute superiority. CN domain names of the countries due to the continued growth and promote the further prosperity of the Internet in China. Data show that the number of sites in China has maintained sustained growth momentum, the latest statistics for the number 1919000, the annual growth rate of 46.3 percent, showed good prospects for development.

If there is no basis for the growth of resources, China will not become the major power situation. Experts said that as a basis for resources, CN domain name of the fast-growing countries, the development of China’s Internet industry has a positive impact on many aspects.

First, the national domain of the mainstream, and is conducive to upgrading China’s Internet information security, strengthening the autonomy of China’s Internet development; Secondly, CN domain name of the country a substantial increase will help promote more in-depth application of user groups, to achieve the economic development of the Internet Large-scale effect; again, CN domain name of national high-speed growth, China’s Internet industry is conducive to the in-depth development.

Enterprises and Internet users use the basis of resources to carry out all kinds of innovative applications, making the Internet industry to create more social value.

The development of the Internet, only to have the scale has the right to speak, and only the application can have real value. Therefore, CNNIC Director MAO Wei said: “The value of domain name applications, the next phase of development goal is to make CN domain names into the ordinary people, and become the standard for Internet users, so that more people use it.” CN domain names for the future The development of the industry in general consensus that must be based on the CN domain names to promote the application to upgrade the CN domain name application experience, and promote the application to develop in depth.

In fact, the application of the Internet domain name is the first step, the only good development of the Internet, domain names have national sustainable development environment, resulting in greater application requirements.

“Judging from the current statistical data can see that information in the economy are increasing the proportion of the contribution. Therefore, CN domain name such countries based on the resources we have made outstanding achievements, promoting China’s national economic information is of extraordinary significance . “Internet experts say, with the CN domain name countries made substantial breakthroughs in scale, relying on the resources of the Internet domain name applications rise or deepen, inevitable for the development of new economic vitality to provide more adequate, and the upgrading of traditional industries, Complete industrialization and integration of new information-based proposition.

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