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MySpace will music service on Thursday

Posted on: September 26, 2008

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Sept. 25, according to foreign media reports, MySpace will to launch a new service on Thursday to enable 120 million users worldwide to access a lot of music from the major record companies freely.

These can only access the music on a computer to play, the audience has no choice but to put up with on-screen advertising, the user would like to spread to music on portable devices will be from Amazon’s music download service to purchase music, 79 per cent in the first, but And the Apple iTunes store, where sales of music copyright protection.

MySpace and hope to further distinguish it from iTunes, users can set up unlimited playlists, each table up to 100 songs, which is similar to Imeem and provide music services. In this way, users will be able to release space in their own playlists, so that friends immersed in music.

Records that people can cultivate interest in music and eventually restore some of the lost revenue. Global revenue from CD sales in 1999 of 12,000,000,000 U.S. dollars this year, is expected to decline to 50 million. Warner Music Group executive vice president of digital strategy Michael – Nash (Michael Nash), said: “We have to release the music of social values.” In addition to Warner, the other three recording giant Sony BMG, Universal, EMI also open to the MySpace Their music library.

MySpace will be the first to provide hundreds of thousands of songs, but iTunes is expected to eventually exceed the 8,500,000. MySpace chief operating officer Amit – Kaposi (Amit Kapur), said: “When all the work to an end, our content will be the most abundant on the Internet.” MySpace Records would like to reduce the dominance of iTunes. Since the 2003 inception, iTunes has sold 5,000,000,000 songs, is now the largest music retailer.

MySpace in competition with a number of favorable conditions, there are 5,000,000 in the band and singers have MySpace accounts, the two-thirds of the users in their own space to provide streaming music.

In the early stages of MySpace, it was attacked to be piracy haven by record companies, and even the global put up legal proceedings until April this year, opening the door for new services.


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