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Oct. 6, according to foreign media reports, Japan’s third-largest mobile operator Softbank Mobile and the world’s leading management and technology consulting firm – BearingPoint Monday announced that BearingPoint become the first major business users of the Apple iPhone 3G version of mobile phone in Japan.

Softbank in accordance with the agreement signed with BearingPoint, BearingPoint in Japan, local analysts and employees will be equipped with a 1000 version of the iPhone 3G mobile phones. BearingPoint said the company’s iPhone to enhance its use of consultants work efficiency and help facilitate the collection of information.

The industry believes that the agreement will promote the iPhone in Japan has far-reaching significance as Japan and other markets, the use of the smart phone number does not account for the majority, as the country’s exclusive to a second-generation mobile phone technology has forced the black Strawberry, and other smart phone makers from the Japanese market, while Japan’s mobile carriers to sell phone determines the norm, despite a considerable number of mobile phones using Symbian or Linux operating system, but are locked, users can not add other programs.

However, the Japanese mobile phone market is slowly changing. In the past couple of years, Taiwan’s High Tech Computer to the e-Japan all mobile operators to sell the Windows Mobile operating system with a cell phone. Last year, NTT DoCoMo launched the first 3G services to the BlackBerry, this year’s version of the iPhone 3G launch in Japan to expand the smartphone market varieties.

The industry believe that the iPhone will help BearingPoint used traditionally good at helping to avoid the risk of Japanese companies to consider more users, such as BlackBerry or Windows Mobile-phone operating system business.

July 11, Japan and many other markets synchronized sell the iPhone 3G handsets, although some of Japan’s iPhone fans rush to buy the new phone, but not for long, the fanaticism of iPhone 3G mobile phone version in the Japanese market was gone.


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