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Despite the U.S. Senate to reject the rescue vehicle programs have a negative impact on the market, but technology shares, led by the three major New York stock market index up 12 all.

As the U.S. Senate voted down the night of 11 government and the House of Representatives reached in the automotive industry rescue plan, the New York stock market opened lower in the morning jump, the Dow Jones index and the Standard & Poor’s decline of more than 2%. Ford and General Motors Corp. shares fell 20% and 30% respectively.

In order to prevent the auto industry crisis had led to unemployment, the White House this morning on the 12th that is under consideration 700,000,000,000 U.S. dollars from the financial rescue plan to extract some of the funds for the automotive industry for assistance. Therefore, a rebound in the stock market in New York.

The day of mixed economic data. The U.S. Department of Commerce report showed that gasoline prices have fallen substantially due to sales of motor vehicles and landslides, the United States in November retail chain fell 1.8 percent, which is the indicator of the 5th consecutive months of decline.

Reuters and the University of Michigan released a survey report revealed that in December U.S. consumer confidence improved. December’s consumer confidence index increased to 59.1, up from November’s 55.3. Despite the November-related index hit a 28-year low, but the index is expected to grow beyond the market.

Technology stocks are driving up the stock market’s main driving force, including Google, Yahoo, Apple, major technology stocks are showing up in varying degrees, and the Nasdaq composite index opened the day lower after high all the way.

To the day when the stock market closed, the Dow Jones industrial average index rose 64.59 points to close at 8629.68 points, or 0.75 percent. Standard & Poor’s 500 index rose 6.14 points to close at 879.73 points, or 0.70 percent. The Nasdaq index rose 32.84 points to close at 1540.72 points, or 2.18 percent.

Blog software company Six Apart recently acquired micro-blog site Pownce, which will be closed on December 15.

According to foreign media reports, Pownce and the summer of 2007 by Digg co-founder Kevin Rose and Leah Culver,Daniel Burka joined together founded the Web site will be Closed on December 15.

Pownce said that after the closure of the site, users can choose to retain their own account information and other services into China. Wo and the other two test Pownce engineers will join the Six Apart team, as will two other co-founder of Six Apart consultant.

Pownce many of the core functions and the like Twitter, so called “Twitter killer.” But the difference between the two is that, Pownce allows users to share information, but also provides embedded pictures, video and MP3 and so on.

Six Apart did not disclose the amount of the transaction. The company said that they Pownce users more interested in their products too.

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