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This internet news provided from the Web site co-founder Matt Curry House Koski (Matthaus Krzykowski) and Daniel Hartmann (Daniel Hartmann) recently to Google’s Android mobile phone operating system installed on the success of ASUS PC easily, this means that the Android system is likely to become a desktop operating system that Microsoft’s competitors.

According to two founders said they took only four hours Android system will be successfully installed in the PC 1000H ASUS easy. In addition, almost all the normal operation of all the necessary hardware, such as graphics cards, sound cards, such as wireless card. In short, Android is just like a desktop operating system.

ASUS easy PC 1000H is a very standard in the Internet of this, if Android can run on PC 1000H on easy, then run in other desktop computer is not difficult.

In fact, this is not particularly surprising. All along, people’s expectations on the Android system is not confined to the cell phone market. Moreover, Google is also rumored to develop a long-standing operating system.

In addition, research institutions, according to Net Applications data released last month showed that nearly 1 / 3 of Google employees a shield used by the operating system information, which means that Google may be developing its own operating system.

Net Applications, vice president of marketing text Vince Vizzacarro said: “If Google is not in the development of the operating system, then I would be very much surprised. It is clear that Google is to escape the shackles of Microsoft.”


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