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Indonesian geologists: Badong may have been completely destroyed after the 8.9 earthquake

Posted on: February 12, 2009

According to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” reported on the 12th, Indonesia geologists warned that the Indonesian province of West Sumatra capital of Padang may be subjected to 8.9 earthquake attacks, and trigger a massive tsunami. The population of the city of 900,000 people will be completely destroyed.

Due to the location of Padang, is the world’s most active seismic regions, so the ground would always shake or earthquake.

Indonesian Science Institute of geologists pointed out that, relatively speaking, Padang 8.9 earthquake are facing the threat of even more significant than any place, and this earthquake will occur within 30 years.

He also warned that the earthquake triggered tsunami in Aceh in 2004 than tsunami more destructive, or even the whole city all the people drowned.

Aceh occurred nine years ago a strong earthquake, the tsunami claimed over 230,000 lives.

It is understood that the present population of Padang, than when the tsunami occurred in Aceh’s population more than tripled. But earthquake experts also concerned that the people currently in the region when the tsunami struck in the use of the escape routes are limited. Thus, they think, not only have to Padang to take more precautionary measures, but also need to reduce disaster risks, in order to protect the people. For example, Padang need to invest in better infrastructure, including building more roads and other escape routes.

At present, the Padang taken precautionary measures, not only can not exert much effect, and some even controversial. The existing early warning systems rely on a few good buoy installed to operate. Administration originally planned to install more buoys and satellite connections to strengthen the system, but these buoys fishermen has been stolen.

At school, the earthquake and tsunami exercise is physical activity a part of the course, teachers teach students in an earthquake immediately hid under the table. Padang mayor ordered residents to pray for their own safety.

In view of this, experts believe that residents with seawater at low tide phenomenon rapid tsunami struck as a warning, may also have more opportunity to escape.


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