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U.S. market research firm StrategyAnalytics recently forecast that the market share of Google Android phones in the U.S. smartphone in the fourth quarter is expected to reach 4%.

According to foreign media reports, Google’s first phone Andorid is produced by HTC Dream, Google said that the carrier will be T-Mobile in the United States on September 23 an official release, and was listed at around mid-October.

The use of 3G mobile networks, users of two-year contract price of 199 U.S. dollars.

Strategy forecast in the fourth quarter of the U.S. smartphone sales will reach 10,500,000, of which Android mobile phone sales will reach about 400,000.

Strategy also said that Apple’s sales in the fourth quarter is expected to reach 1,000,000.

Strategy wireless device strategies of the Department of NeilMawston president, said: “Google is increasingly competitive smart phone market, cut a striking figure in this market, including BlackBerry, Microsoft, Apple, Palm and Symbian series of strong competitors.”

Strategy executive director ChrisAmbrosio said in a statement, the long-term success of Android mobile phone is due to easy-to-use user interface designed by the developers as well as the low price below 200 U.S. dollars. He said that Google should do its utmost to promote the growth of mobile phone Android, to provide more Google network products to business users, such as advertising, maps and search.


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