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According to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” reported on the 12th, Indonesia geologists warned that the Indonesian province of West Sumatra capital of Padang may be subjected to 8.9 earthquake attacks, and trigger a massive tsunami. The population of the city of 900,000 people will be completely destroyed.

Due to the location of Padang, is the world’s most active seismic regions, so the ground would always shake or earthquake.

Indonesian Science Institute of geologists pointed out that, relatively speaking, Padang 8.9 earthquake are facing the threat of even more significant than any place, and this earthquake will occur within 30 years.

He also warned that the earthquake triggered tsunami in Aceh in 2004 than tsunami more destructive, or even the whole city all the people drowned.

Aceh occurred nine years ago a strong earthquake, the tsunami claimed over 230,000 lives.

It is understood that the present population of Padang, than when the tsunami occurred in Aceh’s population more than tripled. But earthquake experts also concerned that the people currently in the region when the tsunami struck in the use of the escape routes are limited. Thus, they think, not only have to Padang to take more precautionary measures, but also need to reduce disaster risks, in order to protect the people. For example, Padang need to invest in better infrastructure, including building more roads and other escape routes.

At present, the Padang taken precautionary measures, not only can not exert much effect, and some even controversial. The existing early warning systems rely on a few good buoy installed to operate. Administration originally planned to install more buoys and satellite connections to strengthen the system, but these buoys fishermen has been stolen.

At school, the earthquake and tsunami exercise is physical activity a part of the course, teachers teach students in an earthquake immediately hid under the table. Padang mayor ordered residents to pray for their own safety.

In view of this, experts believe that residents with seawater at low tide phenomenon rapid tsunami struck as a warning, may also have more opportunity to escape.


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Despite the U.S. Senate to reject the rescue vehicle programs have a negative impact on the market, but technology shares, led by the three major New York stock market index up 12 all.

As the U.S. Senate voted down the night of 11 government and the House of Representatives reached in the automotive industry rescue plan, the New York stock market opened lower in the morning jump, the Dow Jones index and the Standard & Poor’s decline of more than 2%. Ford and General Motors Corp. shares fell 20% and 30% respectively.

In order to prevent the auto industry crisis had led to unemployment, the White House this morning on the 12th that is under consideration 700,000,000,000 U.S. dollars from the financial rescue plan to extract some of the funds for the automotive industry for assistance. Therefore, a rebound in the stock market in New York.

The day of mixed economic data. The U.S. Department of Commerce report showed that gasoline prices have fallen substantially due to sales of motor vehicles and landslides, the United States in November retail chain fell 1.8 percent, which is the indicator of the 5th consecutive months of decline.

Reuters and the University of Michigan released a survey report revealed that in December U.S. consumer confidence improved. December’s consumer confidence index increased to 59.1, up from November’s 55.3. Despite the November-related index hit a 28-year low, but the index is expected to grow beyond the market.

Technology stocks are driving up the stock market’s main driving force, including Google, Yahoo, Apple, major technology stocks are showing up in varying degrees, and the Nasdaq composite index opened the day lower after high all the way.

To the day when the stock market closed, the Dow Jones industrial average index rose 64.59 points to close at 8629.68 points, or 0.75 percent. Standard & Poor’s 500 index rose 6.14 points to close at 879.73 points, or 0.70 percent. The Nasdaq index rose 32.84 points to close at 1540.72 points, or 2.18 percent.

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Oct. 6, according to foreign media reports, Japan’s third-largest mobile operator Softbank Mobile and the world’s leading management and technology consulting firm – BearingPoint Monday announced that BearingPoint become the first major business users of the Apple iPhone 3G version of mobile phone in Japan.

Softbank in accordance with the agreement signed with BearingPoint, BearingPoint in Japan, local analysts and employees will be equipped with a 1000 version of the iPhone 3G mobile phones. BearingPoint said the company’s iPhone to enhance its use of consultants work efficiency and help facilitate the collection of information.

The industry believes that the agreement will promote the iPhone in Japan has far-reaching significance as Japan and other markets, the use of the smart phone number does not account for the majority, as the country’s exclusive to a second-generation mobile phone technology has forced the black Strawberry, and other smart phone makers from the Japanese market, while Japan’s mobile carriers to sell phone determines the norm, despite a considerable number of mobile phones using Symbian or Linux operating system, but are locked, users can not add other programs.

However, the Japanese mobile phone market is slowly changing. In the past couple of years, Taiwan’s High Tech Computer to the e-Japan all mobile operators to sell the Windows Mobile operating system with a cell phone. Last year, NTT DoCoMo launched the first 3G services to the BlackBerry, this year’s version of the iPhone 3G launch in Japan to expand the smartphone market varieties.

The industry believe that the iPhone will help BearingPoint used traditionally good at helping to avoid the risk of Japanese companies to consider more users, such as BlackBerry or Windows Mobile-phone operating system business.

July 11, Japan and many other markets synchronized sell the iPhone 3G handsets, although some of Japan’s iPhone fans rush to buy the new phone, but not for long, the fanaticism of iPhone 3G mobile phone version in the Japanese market was gone.

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Sept. 25, according to foreign media reports, MySpace will to launch a new service on Thursday to enable 120 million users worldwide to access a lot of music from the major record companies freely.

These can only access the music on a computer to play, the audience has no choice but to put up with on-screen advertising, the user would like to spread to music on portable devices will be from Amazon’s music download service to purchase music, 79 per cent in the first, but And the Apple iTunes store, where sales of music copyright protection.

MySpace and hope to further distinguish it from iTunes, users can set up unlimited playlists, each table up to 100 songs, which is similar to Imeem and provide music services. In this way, users will be able to release space in their own playlists, so that friends immersed in music.

Records that people can cultivate interest in music and eventually restore some of the lost revenue. Global revenue from CD sales in 1999 of 12,000,000,000 U.S. dollars this year, is expected to decline to 50 million. Warner Music Group executive vice president of digital strategy Michael – Nash (Michael Nash), said: “We have to release the music of social values.” In addition to Warner, the other three recording giant Sony BMG, Universal, EMI also open to the MySpace Their music library.

MySpace will be the first to provide hundreds of thousands of songs, but iTunes is expected to eventually exceed the 8,500,000. MySpace chief operating officer Amit – Kaposi (Amit Kapur), said: “When all the work to an end, our content will be the most abundant on the Internet.” MySpace Records would like to reduce the dominance of iTunes. Since the 2003 inception, iTunes has sold 5,000,000,000 songs, is now the largest music retailer.

MySpace in competition with a number of favorable conditions, there are 5,000,000 in the band and singers have MySpace accounts, the two-thirds of the users in their own space to provide streaming music.

In the early stages of MySpace, it was attacked to be piracy haven by record companies, and even the global put up legal proceedings until April this year, opening the door for new services.

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According to foreign media reported, local time this Friday, Apple announced that in order to minimize the sheding of the 3 G version of iPhone and enhance its battery life and reduce their time of synchronization with PC, Apple launched the upgrading version of Apple iPhone 3G 2.1 software.

Apple has just passed its iTunes online service software upgrade released soon iPhones, Apple users now have a software upgrade to a positive response that the escalation of the iPhones phones in handling tasks faster. In sharp contrast, the iPhone and to enhance high-speed data network connectivity, Apple in August to upgrade the iPhone, but was upgraded Apple received mostly negative reaction, users have blamed the escalation of significance at the time Apple Little.

Apple said that the new upgrade has also enhanced the iPhone 3 G mobile phone signal strength display of precision, which means that iPhone cell phone signal on the screen shows a more sensitive, but this does not mean that the upgrade will improve the quality of network connections.

Apple also said that the software upgrade and increase the reliability of email delivery and reduce the possibility of the collapse of application software. Prior to complain against a user to receive from friends often miss the short message, after installing the upgrade, iPhone phone to receive text messages will be issued several alerts to remind users timely check.

In addition, iPhone 3G 2.1 upgraded software upgrade also greatly improved the safety performance of the iPhones. For example, vulnerable open-source font rendering engine Freetype loophole is plugged and reduce through hackers’ attacks and remote-control through the TCP port are reduced, the new password lock function is used to ensure that no unauthorized users are difficult to iPhones phones without opening codes.

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September 4 news, according to foreign media reports, Dell Mitchell, the chief executive officer of Dell, announced that Dell will sell the equipment to competite with Apple’s iPhone in one day, although he had not the plan to quickly enter the smart phone market.

Wednesday, held in New York investment conference, when someone asked whether Dell, Apple iPhone is developing such as smart phones, Dell said: “I think you will see we have the green light equipment.” IPhone integration of the phone and Both of these features of personal computers.

Dell’s chief executive said: “You will see more of our small manufacturers of intelligent devices, but not in the near future.”

Dell made the comments on the technical meeting held in New York City.

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September 2 news, “Japanese Economic News,” disclosed that in order to win more market share and competite with Nintendo’s Wii and Sony’s PS3, Microsoft Monday said it would cut the price of Xbox 360 console in the Japanese market, the price cuts will reach a maximum rate of 30 percent.

Media said that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Arcade mode game will cut 8,000 yen (about 73.92 U.S. dollars), reduced the price of 19,800 yen. Arcade mode does not include game drives, three models of the Xbox 360 the cheapest.

Prices after the Xbox 360 Arcade game will be lower than the 25,000 yen Nintendo’s Wii and Sony 39,800 yen of the PS3. Media said Microsoft with the other two kinds of game drives in the high-end prices will also cut 5,000 to 8,000 yen.

According to Japanese game magazine publisher Enterbrain provide the data shows that so far Microsoft’s game console in the Japanese market only sold 685,000, while Nintendo’s Wii sold 6.67 million, Sony’s PS3 sales of 2.32 million.

Microsoft’s Xbox business spokesman Kazumi Ishiyama had no explanation on media reports.

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