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Olympic Games are carried out in full swing, while China’s Internet is also fiery red. The world’s leading media investment management newly released in 2008 China’s media industry forecasts that the holding of Olympics will stimulate online advertising. The online advertising revenue is expected to grow by 65% in 2008 and 40 percent in 2009.

Internet media in the digital media is not to outshine others. Kwan town as of the report also pointed out that China’s mobile media and LCD TV (LCD) of the overall volume of ads running faster than the growth of the Internet, is expected to reach 82 percent this year, next year is estimated to be 47 percent.

Overall, digital media this year and next year will continue to maintain high growth momentum. The development of digital media advertising to promote the rapid growth, both in the marketing sector is behind a revolution.

“12 years ago, we still accustomed to the traditional one-way marketing, consumers see in the message board left a negative evaluation, the marketing staff was also unacceptable.” Ogilvy Interactive CEO of the Asia-Pacific region in Kent Wertime Accept the “First Financial Daily” in an exclusive interview that, 12 years later, both large and small companies, based on the number of digital media marketing is essential to marketing executives homework.

Wertime pointed out that “if the enterprises to make good use of the correct figure, you can return to the figures.” Through technical means of access to consumer information, which may be directed to advertise the advantages of digital media. There is no doubt that if enterprises in access to information and inappropriate use of information will be disgusted by the consumer. Among these great way to handle the knowledge.

Wertime cited an example, if the enterprise to send investigators to visit, they tried to get mothers to children’s nutrition for information. “There is no doubt that this is likely to cause resentment mothers. But you for a way of the Internet publication that a test to detect mothers with their children’s nutrition is reasonable. The online test are often very attractive, The mothers are in a hurry to know whether or not qualified to do the same time, will also inadvertently disclose their spending habits to the enterprise. ”

In addition, digital media and traditional media is the biggest difference between the interactive. Wertime said that traditional media is the single advertisers want consumers to transmit information. And through a variety of digital media technology can take the initiative to attract consumers or search to find themselves, and to provide consumers with attractive content. “In the past consumers are looking for business, some consumers also like to take the initiative to search companies. Therefore, enterprises need to allow themselves to be the first time found and provide the content to attract consumers.”

Despite the rapid development of digital media, Wertime considered that digital media and traditional media will coexist for a long time in the future.


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