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This internet news provided from the Web site co-founder Matt Curry House Koski (Matthaus Krzykowski) and Daniel Hartmann (Daniel Hartmann) recently to Google’s Android mobile phone operating system installed on the success of ASUS PC easily, this means that the Android system is likely to become a desktop operating system that Microsoft’s competitors.

According to two founders said they took only four hours Android system will be successfully installed in the PC 1000H ASUS easy. In addition, almost all the normal operation of all the necessary hardware, such as graphics cards, sound cards, such as wireless card. In short, Android is just like a desktop operating system.

ASUS easy PC 1000H is a very standard in the Internet of this, if Android can run on PC 1000H on easy, then run in other desktop computer is not difficult.

In fact, this is not particularly surprising. All along, people’s expectations on the Android system is not confined to the cell phone market. Moreover, Google is also rumored to develop a long-standing operating system.

In addition, research institutions, according to Net Applications data released last month showed that nearly 1 / 3 of Google employees a shield used by the operating system information, which means that Google may be developing its own operating system.

Net Applications, vice president of marketing text Vince Vizzacarro said: “If Google is not in the development of the operating system, then I would be very much surprised. It is clear that Google is to escape the shackles of Microsoft.”

This IT news is Provided from the SK Net Service Company Ltd

English domain names on the general international organizations or companies usually have. COM,. NET and. ORG three types can choose. In accordance with the provisions of its representative nature of the business or service are as follows:
. com for commercial organizations or companies
. net used for Internet-related network services to agencies or companies
. org for non-profit organizations, groups cn domain names include the type of domain names and administrative divisions of domain names,
Such as: Is in accordance with the type of domain name applications from the nature of the domain names, including:
AC scientific research institutions
COM industrial and commercial, financial, and other enterprises
EDU educational institutions
GOV government departments
NET Internet access network information centre (NIC) and Operation Center (NOC)
ORG various non-profit organization
You can choose the nature of your organization for your units to use the domain name.

Fexon Technology Ltd reports: Bit Network (ChinaByte) news (Sun Guangjian) April or May this year, the online games industry has invested several cases, the perfect time 3 million U.S. dollars investment strategy Chengdu Yat conditions on the sea days, bought the latter part of the shares ; The9 to spend 38 million U.S. dollars to become shareholders G10; Jinshan 10 million yuan investment in research and development team and online games Lianjin studio set up joint venture companies and 40 per cent stake, this Analysys International made a related analysis and forecasting.

Analysys International found that the domestic online game operators with the increasing maturity of the environment, research and development capabilities (including product planning, technology development, etc.) highlights the growing importance of and take investment or acquisition of outstanding online game developers, is the quickest increase R & D capacity of the enterprise.

Fan Yi-fei analysts believe that the market boom in 2007, enables network operators to have played a lot of cash, strong financial strength to support them in the acquisition of other companies and the nature of the Internet game industry is a highly creative culture Entertainment industry, so how to mobilize a good game for creative people to its online gaming service operators have to consider the issue, and the acquisition of the creative team undoubtedly is a good solution at the same time, more independent research and development strength The game continued to have a significant impact on revenue. China’s online game life cycle greater extent by the impact of the community, a higher number of online game (for example, more than 200,000 PCU), if the game operators to control plug-ins and other technical issues, and regular updates The game, online game players will not be easy to leave the game, this game is often the life cycle can be extended, so as to contribute more game operators in the revenue. And with independent research and development strength of the online game operators in control of the game content updates, technical issues such as governance clearly more flexible and have the advantage.

From the industry’s current investment environment, intense competition in the industry on the environment will make the studio more clearly, they will be more rational assessment of its value, which would improve the industry’s investment environment. Although the online games industry in 2007 reached the market size of 11.7 billion yuan, the size of the market rose 64.5 percent year-on-year, but not all of the online games company can profit in the process. 2007 industry ranked the first three companies occupy 51 percent of the market, the latest year for each quarter Gongce online games are about 30, but can reach 100,000 PCU of the game is also very few. (Fexon Technology Ltd)

The industry trend, he predicted that: the major network game operators in the acquisition, but also should always hold an open attitude, the network gaming industry will be more in the big investment firms or small studio case except This, “Little joint” – that is, the emerging online game developers and operators of the merger between may also occur. The new studio options and other operators to mergers and acquisitions, large-scale online games rather than being the driving force manufacturers to buy: Once the successful launch of the game, there could be as perfect as companies such as time and space, through access to lucrative IPO proceeds network Game makers preferred investment targets, the vast majority will have the spirit of innovation and technology research and development capabilities of small studio. As the creative industries of online games decided by the acquisition of small studios can on the one hand to avoid investment risks, on the other hand the flexibility of operation of the small studio is also one of the reasons for the popularity.

Analysys also reminded the broad masses of Chinese Internet game manufacturers: China’s online game makers should be more open treatment of investment acquisitions, the grand “Storm Riders” and “18” plan is a good case. Other hand a large amount of cash in the game makers should be more open and pragmatic implementation of investment acquisition strategy in transnational mergers and acquisitions, the South Korean market, small game companies will be a good choice. South Korean online gaming market after years of development, technical research and development ability in China. Transnational cooperation in the way, with the exception of investment in the acquisition, the agent game is also one way of good cooperation. But all this on the premise that China’s online game personnel must be able to measure the good of the game’s quality control and technology; Upon completion of the acquisition does not mean that the company’s research and development capabilities can be enhanced, the company will also face integration team, the loss of staff And many other issues.(Fexon Technology Ltd)

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Fexon Technology Ltd reprots: According to the MII’s telecom users complaints admissible Center, in the first quarter of the total users of the Ombudsman for 8102, up 26.7 percent sequentially, which involves the SP controversial aspects of user charges for the 1616 complaints, up 16.3 percent sequentially , The user complaints mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Shandong, Beijing, Hebei, Henan and other provinces (municipalities).

According to incomplete statistics, the first quarter of SP charges of irregularities in the briefing, a total of 152 enterprises were investigated and dealt with SP. One informed criticism, ordered the rectification and reform, administrative punishment of violations enterprises SP 70, and a serious violation of the SP enterprises according to law shall be ordered to rectify its closure, the basis of telecommunication enterprises in accordance with the relevant cooperation agreement to stop clearing, to stop business, closing ports And off the assembly line and other business enterprises with SP 82. The existence of irregularities and violations of the SP enterprises, China Mobile is responsible for access by the 49, from China Unicom responsible for the access of 79, China Telecom is responsible for access by the three, from China Netcom is responsible for access 21.

Beijing Chi show Technology Co., Ltd, Guangzhou, Hong permit the development of computer technology, such as Limited numerous irregularities involving more than 10 home the SP enterprises were exposed, the Shanghai-touch communications technology Limited “Koufei forced” closure of the telecommunications regulatory bodies in accordance with the law rectifying . It is understood that the company before China Mobile also have been punished.(Fexon Technology Ltd)

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Fexon Technology Ltd reports: Alibaba rumors swirl in the group are in action to prove his determination to fully support the disaster areas. Yesterday, Alibaba Group decided to invest 25 million yuan as a special fund dedicated to post-disaster reconstruction, the disaster areas to help restore their strength, the Fund will be based on post-disaster reconstruction in the earthquake-stricken area have to import.

Alibaba Group also announced the establishment of “Ali reconstruction work group”, which is chaired by the Chairman of the Board Ma Alibaba Group headed, CPO Peng Lei, executive deputy head of the group, staff volunteers to participate in Alibaba, the Group will be pragmatic, sustainable development of direction and specific action programmes, and is responsible for the implementation of the follow-up of all volunteers and staff communication.

The previous “His contributions to the earthquake, only one yuan donated money,” the report,, stakeholders said yesterday This is a manipulation was behind the rumours, saying such rumors will not be ignored.

The rumor, Ma yesterday to all employees of the group said in the message: “Comments on the outside world, I do not want to explain too much, Qingzheziqing, time to test all the truth, I still think that, and how we can more rationally To help the disaster areas from a huge disaster recovery compared to the number of donations is not the most important thing.’s Attention to the disaster, I am sure that more expensive in the operation. ” (Fexon Technology Ltd)

Ma said that to the earthquake-stricken people really do some things that most concern to the company, in his view, post-disaster reconstruction, no less than to save lives, “then we must care for the people alive and help them The courage to restore life to rebuild the confidence of life. “

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Fexon Technology Ltd reports: Are facing difficulties in the development of Motorola again personnel changes. Yesterday, media reports, Motorola chief strategy and technology officer Li Qinuo Dayton Borg has resigned, and since January this year as Motorola’s CEO, the company has replaced including finance, human resources and technology, and other core Many departments of the executive. In March this year, including Motorola’s chief marketing officer CaseyKeller mobile devices and the former president Stu Reid in a week, have left.

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