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Despite the U.S. Senate to reject the rescue vehicle programs have a negative impact on the market, but technology shares, led by the three major New York stock market index up 12 all.

As the U.S. Senate voted down the night of 11 government and the House of Representatives reached in the automotive industry rescue plan, the New York stock market opened lower in the morning jump, the Dow Jones index and the Standard & Poor’s decline of more than 2%. Ford and General Motors Corp. shares fell 20% and 30% respectively.

In order to prevent the auto industry crisis had led to unemployment, the White House this morning on the 12th that is under consideration 700,000,000,000 U.S. dollars from the financial rescue plan to extract some of the funds for the automotive industry for assistance. Therefore, a rebound in the stock market in New York.

The day of mixed economic data. The U.S. Department of Commerce report showed that gasoline prices have fallen substantially due to sales of motor vehicles and landslides, the United States in November retail chain fell 1.8 percent, which is the indicator of the 5th consecutive months of decline.

Reuters and the University of Michigan released a survey report revealed that in December U.S. consumer confidence improved. December’s consumer confidence index increased to 59.1, up from November’s 55.3. Despite the November-related index hit a 28-year low, but the index is expected to grow beyond the market.

Technology stocks are driving up the stock market’s main driving force, including Google, Yahoo, Apple, major technology stocks are showing up in varying degrees, and the Nasdaq composite index opened the day lower after high all the way.

To the day when the stock market closed, the Dow Jones industrial average index rose 64.59 points to close at 8629.68 points, or 0.75 percent. Standard & Poor’s 500 index rose 6.14 points to close at 879.73 points, or 0.70 percent. The Nasdaq index rose 32.84 points to close at 1540.72 points, or 2.18 percent.


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Chuan has been a hubbub of the acquisition of GE Haier household appliances business, Haier last weekend was denied. Qingdao Haier said on the weekend of the notice, Haier has not involved in the acquisition of such matters.

Prior to the U.S. GE-General intends to sell home appliances business, valued at 5 billion sale of -80 billion dollars. And then there are those Korea-LG, Electrolux of Sweden, such as shadow.

Haier as the Chinese white goods giant, in recent years, overseas expeditions were lost, GE had become the focus of attention of most people. But the face of the huge purchase price, net profit last year was 10 billion Haier more determined to make this.

Haier’s announcement last weekend that the company has yet to participate in the acquisition of GE appliance business matters. China Merchants Securities analyst Li Yang, Haier acquired the low possibility of GE appliances business. From the end of last year to the performance of the first quarter of this year, Haier’s rapid growth rate of white goods business, not necessarily to expand through the acquisition of GE strength. And the United States and the debt crisis, the international market demand decline for the domestic market by raising interest rates, tightening monetary policy implications of the acquisition of bulk business more cautious. Haier if the acquisition of GE are facing rapid expansion of equity, debt ratio, cash flow shortage and so on.

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For individual users, in addition to viruses and Trojan horses, the web of stealth code will also begin a serious threat to our security, but most people have a lack of self-protection, the stealth code not enough awareness of the harm, or even in their own knowledge of the The others were the theft of important information. Because the stealth code with relatively large hidden, so far, the virus has not been any good firewall to prevent attacks stealth code, or even the majority would not be found. Therefore, we should be even more on high alert page code in the stealth killer.

Fexon Technology Ltd reports: Every age has its representative enterprises, and often times turnover They appointed the new and old forces of the moment, the traditional interests of the representatives or, as dinosaurs, like Hong Ran fell on the ground, or licking their own blood stem, and then quietly begin the difficult reconstruction.

When the age of the Internet replace the PC era when the software industry’s business model is also withstand such a challenge.

For the software industry, Kai-fu Lee that, while Windows will not completely disappear, but the “cloud computing” will change the traditional model. “Software have put ‘cloud’ in the future, like Google’s search is ongoing updates, there is no version of the concept, even if tomorrow all the code rewrite all of you feel.” Kai-fu Lee said that the traditional software Industry’s business model is the biggest problem.

Internet companies and PC era’s software industry, its business model completely different, the Internet software, not its version of the concept of research and development can be achieved numerous daily online updates, profitable model for the provision of free services through advertising and other services earnings; Microsoft as the representative of the software industry, through long-term research and development, or to sell the final version adopted by the upgrade version of the “software licensing model” to make money. (Fexon Technology Ltd)

Kai-fu Lee, the past, many users accustomed to the annual pay system, like Microsoft, ORACLE, 1000 authorized 1,000 employees, but “clouds” in the future, more and more users will automatically update like the Internet Service models.

“We think the main technologies to rely on advertising fees, you can make money on a service added another service deficiencies.” Kai-fu Lee said that the advertising model will become the mainstream, although some will also be paid monthly, However, according to an escalation of money and staff pay long-term escalation, and slowly will be challenges.

“In the future, the traditional software industry, 23, 56 or even launched an updated version of the slow pace of the user will not be accepted.” Kai-fu Lee said.

Kai-fu Lee believes that the software giant will not easily give up the traditional interests, it is all the enterprises must face the difficult problem: IBM PC in the coming era when faced, Apple Computer software should not be transplanted to a PC when faced . “Shareholders, employees face the pressure of the past suddenly become a burden on profits, in the past let you make more money now but the business you run more slowly, facing the times of any restructuring of the company are great challenges ahead.” Li Kai-Fu said, not just the software industry, today’s music, the media also face such a problem. (Fexon Technology Ltd)

“IT technology and the Internet is to bring about a revolution, the real challenge is you have the courage to the interests of the past as a burden, it is necessary to measure short-term interests and what is more important to catch up with the times.” Kai-fu Lee said that, like Microsoft’s hope that this Have both fish and bear’s paw of the companies is very difficult, because history can not maintain the traditional model, is the new leader of the interests of the company.

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