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According to foreign media reported, local time this Friday, Apple announced that in order to minimize the sheding of the 3 G version of iPhone and enhance its battery life and reduce their time of synchronization with PC, Apple launched the upgrading version of Apple iPhone 3G 2.1 software.

Apple has just passed its iTunes online service software upgrade released soon iPhones, Apple users now have a software upgrade to a positive response that the escalation of the iPhones phones in handling tasks faster. In sharp contrast, the iPhone and to enhance high-speed data network connectivity, Apple in August to upgrade the iPhone, but was upgraded Apple received mostly negative reaction, users have blamed the escalation of significance at the time Apple Little.

Apple said that the new upgrade has also enhanced the iPhone 3 G mobile phone signal strength display of precision, which means that iPhone cell phone signal on the screen shows a more sensitive, but this does not mean that the upgrade will improve the quality of network connections.

Apple also said that the software upgrade and increase the reliability of email delivery and reduce the possibility of the collapse of application software. Prior to complain against a user to receive from friends often miss the short message, after installing the upgrade, iPhone phone to receive text messages will be issued several alerts to remind users timely check.

In addition, iPhone 3G 2.1 upgraded software upgrade also greatly improved the safety performance of the iPhones. For example, vulnerable open-source font rendering engine Freetype loophole is plugged and reduce through hackers’ attacks and remote-control through the TCP port are reduced, the new password lock function is used to ensure that no unauthorized users are difficult to iPhones phones without opening codes.


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Yesterday, Apple recently received reports that the body of iPodNano player was overheated, the survey proved that it was caused by the battery provided by external providers. Apple has not announced recalling plan, while Apple Chinese companies said that the Chinese Mainland had not received any similar reports.

Japan has recently reported that a three iPodNano fuselage overheating incidents. After Apple’s investigation, the fuselage from the overheating is a supplier of the lithium-ion batteries, Apple did not disclose the supplier’s name. Apple stressed that the fuselage of the overheating problems affect only the first generation iPodNano, but only in a very individual machines. “So far received no serious injuries or property loss was reported, also received no other similar iPodNano of the report.” Apple said.

Yesterday, Apple Chinese companies relavent executive said Apple has not announced recalling plan, and the Chinese Mainland had not received any similar reports.

This Internet news is provided from the SK Net Service Company Ltd

July 21, according to foreign media reports, the success of the product may not be the most innovative products, and the most innovative products may not be able to be successful. Following is the Microsoft and Apple’s 21 largest new and innovative technology, but unfortunately they failed.

Against the failure of technology, people would immediately think of Bob and Microsoft products such as IBM PCjr. In fact, these products basically not really great product, Bob from speaking their own creativity on the comparative failure. The success of the product is not necessarily a good idea or innovation, just at the right time in the right place only.

The following 21 technology is indeed a failure, but not because of the lack of merit, but because too ahead.

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