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Today, contrary to industry analysts’s expectations, VMware replacement of the CEO, has long been in this role and is the founder Diane Greene left, replaced by Paul Maritz. Maritz has been working at Microsoft for 14 years and retired in 2000. He concluded by the company Pi Corporation (a cloud in the calculation of the start-up programme) in February this year was the parent company EMC acquired VMware. Today, the reasons for the personnel changes in the press release VMware find some clues:

…… Although VMware has not yet released the report of Q2, we expect 2008 full year earnings will be the last report in 2007 than the estimated 50 percent of the slightly lower growth……

GigaOM reports that shares slumped 30 percent so, and from the Green and EMC’s high-level friction in her resignation to speculate more for political reasons, rather than financial aspects. The Register said that more directly:

By the dismissal of VMware CEO Diane Greene, EMC head Joe Tucci investors to convey such a message – his personal preferences on a more comprehensive consideration of the interests on. This is absolutely not in a business leaders who should be seen, not to mention the past five years as investors did not matter how many……

In addition, ZDNet carefully weigh the open-source products, such as Xen and VirtualBox in the event of the component. Finally, may say the most important point:

…… It is worth noting that, VMware’s chief scientist Mendel Rosenblum is her husband. If the replacement is forced out of the parent company EMC, VMware may be in the whole management team in the domino effect triggered a massive……

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