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Gates interview also acknowledged that “all companies will eventually be replaced,” so he can not face up to a Microsoft’s future, because some people are likely to bring some of that ground-breaking innovations, like his own in the last century 1970s on the computer industry has done.

As the private wealth explosive growth, charitable contributions now have unprecedented social significance. But as entrepreneurs and managers, these people want everything possible to ensure that the money in the right place. They also have another problem: how to treat their children »Despite the hearts of human instinct and tradition, but their children will no longer be taken for granted the first heir.

How can we be heirs and charitable acts considered »Warren Buffett might find the answer. He not only quite natural investment, it seems that the donation is also full of wisdom. In addition to the Gates Foundation’s donation, he will also invest its carrier Berkshire Hathaway same amount of stock donated by his three children the operation of several foundations. Each of these contributions may be worth more than 1 billion U.S. dollars.

No Gates of Microsoft

Although Gates has already given notice of retirement two years ago, the company has been set for the blueprint for the development, but speculation outside the influence of the very Gates, Microsoft may not be able to fill the position after he left. A spokesman for consultant Forrester Research Charlene Li means: “After the departure of Bill Gates, Microsoft will lose focus of focus, and can lead the staff of the People.”

Analysis of the outside world, lost Gates, Microsoft, at least in a few years, rely on Windows, Office operating systems, servers, and game consoles Xbox, IT software and other IT products, still can control the global market, the average absorption of a week 100 million U.S. dollars, is a Web search engine giant Google’s nearly four-fold. However, Microsoft seems to have powerful portfolio of the times, technology writer Bei Tele described in the 1970s is “IBM” (IBM) Corporation of the world, in the 1990s to rule by Microsoft today, is Google’s Era.


Fund itself is a positive form of investment. Rather than directly into supplies. I think this very well, because sitting fresh mountain air, and if the money to make money, it is undoubtedly more effective play its role. As for the price to make money, you cite a few although there are adverse effects, but should not be seen as the adverse effects of “evil”, because the law does not prohibit them, just like the risks of stock speculation, but not one-sided view, such as car The impact on the environment, not one-sided view, otherwise I doubt whether a certain moral Jiepi! Everything is a legitimate investment, no one can make irresponsible remarks.

a single cent will not be left to their children. Jiuping they are the descendants of Gates Are not they also raised eyebrow of the, ah, Ha ha.

business is Washington, the other declined to comment.


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