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The professional investment institutions especially dedicated to private equity fund In China and Europe – Epiven recently pointed out that, in recent years as China’s reform and opening up and economic prosperity, more and more foreign capital were put into China. The European investment institutions (limited partners) who managed 100 billion euros is no exception. However, as there is no suitable channe and China’s investment environment and variable policy, the pace of private equity fund investment in domestic China is slowed down.
This report shows that in the next five years, major European private equity investors, will China’s private equity industry has a greater influence, China’s private equity general partner to help Europe’s limited partners a deeper understanding more clearly The Chinese market, the future is a very important task.

Large-scale capital

Jun-division enterprises selected more than 80 furniture representative of the European large institutional investors (limited partners), against them the next five years China’s private equity investment funds (general partner) with the idea of the trend survey. 59 of them in before the deadline to complete all the questionnaires. This 59 limited partnership to manage the 156 billion euros (nearly 244 billion U.S. dollars) of assets, representing 75 percent of the European private equity fund industry’s assets. These large European institutions limited partners are: the mother Fund (FoF), pension funds, asset management companies, endowment funds, insurance companies and private banks.

Investigation report showed that 88 percent limited partner in Europe said in the future five years will increase investment in China. 52% of the limited partners have targeted their funds to China’s private equity funds (general partner), the allocation of funds range from 1% to 15%. The European private equity fund limited partners for each additional 1 percent of the funds to China, is nearly the amount of 1.5 billion euros, equivalent to China’s private equity in 2007 Muzi 40 percent, and the proportion of impact is great .

European private equity fund limited partner in the investment of choice, in all developing countries, China ranked second (after Eastern Europe). China’s private equity funds raised by the investment amounted to only 0.17 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), and Eastern Europe (2 percent) and India (0.5%), China’s private equity fund industry’s growth model is different.

Interest in the new energy and resource-based enterprises

Private equity in Europe and the United States is a very mature business model, but China has only just begun. In this survey shows that a limited partner in Europe for China’s private equity investment fund is the first choice of leveraged buyout funds (buyout fund), followed by the Growth Fund (expansion fund). This private equity fund and China’s actual investment situation is exactly the opposite.

In considering the types of industrial investment, investment in China more limited experience of the European partners, new energy and natural resources have higher interest. They and the media communications and information technology (TMT) industries related to lower interest, which reflects the Chinese market is the real situation. This also implies that the Chinese have deep experience in the European limited partner gradually do as the Romans do.

It also specified that 31% of the limited partner in Europe, and China’s private equity-related cognitive very dissatisfied. In order to increase understanding of the Chinese market, a limited partner in Europe adopted by the way is the most frequently travel to China and take part in the seminar, but found the Chinese to find a good private equity fund of the general partner (GP) is still very difficult.

The European view of the limited partners to invest in China is the biggest risk for the whole of China and the regulatory environment, as well as in China to find a good general partner of capacity, only four percent of the low-return as one of the risks. 71% of the limited partners were chosen through the recommendation of trusted partners to understand the Chinese private equity fund of the general partner.

The European limited partner expect higher returns in China than in Europe. According to the real situation reported by the Chinese private equity, the actual return of the Chinese market will exceed the expectation of the European limited partner.


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Japan’s Softbank president Masayoshi Son, the first people who invest internet, has made it clear that they will focus investment in China. “10 years ago, Softbank’s investment focus in the United States, and five years ago in Japan, and now the focus of investment is in China.” Son specially emphasis on the English word NOW.

Son admitted, the whole economic environment is in decline all over the world, China’s economy, in particular the small and medium enterprises will be affected. However, due to the rapid growth of economy a few years ago in China, they will continue to maintain a relatively high rate of growth compared to other countries though influenced in some way. Son also agreed with the host of this summit Alibaba chairman Ma’s “winter” theory that China has encountered some problems especially in manufacturing and trade areas.

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Seoul Gates “naked tax”, Tang Jun, Chen Tianqiao, Charles Zhang, Robin Li, Shi Yuzhu, and so many Chinese IT company to Regal Morning News yesterday through careful to express his own attitude: While appreciation is covered Mainz acts, but can not be done, because companies are still relatively young, the future will be how to manage their wealth, it is still too early to discuss now.

As in previous disaster relief contributions, some netizens accountability not part of a relatively small contributions or contributions to the business makes many IT tycoons of wealth and charitable cause Chuyanjinshen. Yesterday, a number of IT at the Regal, the other side of the calls or not, or do not want to comment on this or let’s find a company public relations departments. An online gaming company spokesman said, Gates is using his own actions will be to a charity Bagao difficult to match the height, it is worth learning, but the fact is the Chinese system with the United States have differences, the Chinese believe that these tycoons have their own IT Thought and action, it is not yet mature enough, so now choose low-key treatment.

“If you have a glass of water, you can enjoy alone, if you have a bucket of water, stored in the home can enjoy slowly, if you have a river, the Institute should be shared with others.” Gates, who work at Microsoft for 10 years “China The first professional manager, “Tang Jun said yesterday, many IT companies founder of the accumulation of wealth at best be regarded as” a bucket of water “, but often come up with all the expectations and to share, otherwise it would be subject to public opinion Kouzhubifa. In fact, to do charitable people should have more tolerance.

Tang Jun said, surrounded by his many friends and have started to do charitable efforts, although Gates is far from over, but I think the future will be more people concerned about charity, a position more and more people will join To the charitable cause, “Maybe not all of the assets donated, but 20%, 30%, 50% or even more, the Chinese entrepreneurs in the future will appear.”

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HD DVD version will be in China this month to the Blu-ray patent holder of the manufacturers issued invitations this year to establish patent pool, a common attacks Blu-ray BD.

Blu-ray HD DVD one of the sponsors of the League of China, Tsinghua University CD-ROM National Engineering Research Center Deputy Director Lu was told today bit network (ChinaByte), in the May 30, China’s high-definition discs Union Industry Association (CBHD) officially released The establishment of CBHD patent pool statement. “This is to avoid repeating mistakes DVD patent fee issue an important measure taken.”

Lu was said that although the Chinese version of HD DVD drive can not avoid royalty payments, but have added their own proprietary standards, patents dialogue will be made on the voice, which can also be good to avoid the Blu-ray monopoly, the protection of Chinese market a good development.

It is understood that within this month, CBHD will have “not open around the patent” of domestic and foreign enterprises issued invitations to set up joint patent pool. Not the so-called open around the patents, is two-tier structure in the CD-ROM, modem code, such as correcting, domestic and foreign enterprises already have some of the patented technology.

As to the patent evaluation, patent decision so complicated matters, CBHD patent pool of specific charges and it remains difficult to determine, but the landing was sure that, CBHD patent pool will certainly be completed within the year.


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