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More and cheaper digital SLR cameras, this two-day “China International Machinery video camera equipment and technology exposition,” the most-on exhibits, and according to Exhibitor Canon forecasts, the prices of such products during the year will trend Continued. “But you can not count on a digital SLR camera dropped to 3,500 yuan.” Canon China’s vice president of Jigang Da Health in an interview with reporters, said.

Now, with the camera manufacturers in the field of “price cuts” big move, more people can afford to start with the original very expensive digital SLR cameras, in addition to some quasi-professional and professional-machine remains more than 7,000 yuan High, the number of entry models have reached the price of 5,000 yuan, Jigang Da pointed out that “prices will continue this year, but the future may be reduced to 4,000 yuan less the following.”

Jigang Da Health, in the Chinese market, digital SLR cameras will be set at a mainstream price points “from 5,000 to 7,000 yuan.” But he does not think that should be overly concerned about price, “because the Chinese market the most concern is not price.” Jigang Da Health told reporters that the prices of digital SLR cameras tide is to promote the popularity of such products, but in China and Japan, consumers more concerned about the performance, “but you better sell the product, such as price Close to 2 million EOS5D, the best selling market is China, I understand the Chinese consumers, they always want their own unique digital SLR cameras, price cuts alone can not pull the market. ”

Functionality and ease of use in making will become more important to expand market share means. Jigang Da Sheng said, according to the camera sales experience in the film of the era, a mature market as long as 10 cameras will be sold with Taiwan is an SLR camera, “and now in China, in the digital SLR digital camera The sales ratio of the market only 6%, so that space is enormous, we may have the opportunity to break the Curse of 10 to 1. “

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