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This domain name news is provided from the SK Net Service Company Ltd

Tour operators in the development of mini-phone network game, “Lost Horizon”, is a very unique role-playing cell phone network games, the game is easy to some brilliant comedy adventure game style attracted a large audience. Recently, the official game of “Lost Horizon” to upgrade the official website with the domain name changes, the original changed to This change involves the “lost time” game Wap official Web site and the official website of the changes, the domain name change official at the same time the client also have been updated, please download latest customer terminal. Changes shown in the official domain name change announcement:

“Lost Horizon” the official website with the domain name change announcement

With immediate effect, mini-Tour Network Technology Co., Ltd’s mobile phone network game, “Lost Horizon” official website of the opening of new domain names, to stop using the domain name Phone network game, “Lost Horizon” all external publicity and information related to the game will be the adoption of new domain names for publication, the original domain name in the release of all content has nothing to do with the game company. Web domain name change at the same time, “Lost Horizon” the Wap website with the domain name simultaneously from change to

Any use of the domain name caused the accident, neglect, destruction of the contract, defamation, computer virus infections, copyright or other intellectual property rights disputes and the resulting loss, mini-Tour does not bear any legal responsibility.

Please change the retrieval of all players; Links site to change the corresponding connections. This inconvenience caused to you in this apology! Declare!

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