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China IDC ring on August 3: the Olympic Games is coming, people are eagerly looking forward to fierce competiting scenes. At the same time, the competition outside is similarly intense, all kinds of industries are preparing to grasp the opportunity. And to domain name registers who are jokingly called “corn pest,” and “rice farmers” due to their sensitive smell of business that is a golden opportunity.

From that day on the successful Olympic bid, the Internet has set off a lot of “Olympic domain name” cybersquatting World War II, and with the Olympic mascots “Fuwa” the release, and Fuwa more relevant domain names set off a “rice farmers” were Registered craze. Among the various domain name suffixes CN domain names because the countries with distinct meaning, much of domestic enterprises and individuals respected in the sports sector use the national top-level domain name is a very special significance, such as the Beijing Olympics official website, Chinese Olympic Committee site and so on. So athletes and the Olympic Games and the CN domain name or even become the domain of international investors for the focus. As early as four years ago the Athens Olympics, began shortly after the Olympic Games have taken place in several Chinese athletes CN domain names were registered after the sale of Tian Jia incident, but on the domain names registered at home and abroad are no corresponding restrictions and regulations, CN domain names management Institutions – China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) also can not change the results have been registered. The incident caused CNNIC registered a high degree of attention, and then to all the Olympic athletes not registered the CN domain names to the State Sports General Administration of the name of the protection of registration.

Today, four years after what about the » Recently, reporters found a domain name registration company of friends for some athletes CN domain names, has been even all, of whom many still two Tiangang registered. It was at this time on July 26 and the establishment of the Chinese delegation announced the list of participants but also two or three days time, Olympic has not yet started, but all Chinese athletes of the country’s top CN domain names have been registered an almost empty, the speed and corn pest Sure enough courage is amazing!

Clearly, this at home at the Olympic Games, CNNIC and slow the action a step forward. Reporter tried to open a casual players of the CN domain names, directly Jump to the one called “My Olympics” of the site. A surprising discovery, the Webmaster has registered more than 180 Chinese Olympic athletes participating in CN domain names. But even a sigh that the site in the notes made it clear that the registration is to protect these athletes domain, like the previous Olympic Games as to avoid falling into malicious hands of speculators or foreign organizations, and that these domain names can be transferred to the participating athletes free of charge I.

At the press of the site’s founder Mr. Guo in the course of interviews that he saw the country can successfully overcome various difficulties to organize the Olympic event, he is very excited, although he could not fight on the stadium, but not only A Kanke, recently created a public web site “My Olympic” and hope to promote the Olympic spirit, the Chinese team for refueling. Another site being considered with some charity organizations, for example, to buy sports equipment given to the earthquake-stricken area in Sichuan children, their active physical activity, in their strong will and hope to find like-minded people together to achieve this idea. In addition to a number of Olympic athletes for the protection of the domain name, said Mr. Guo also spend lots of money from their own overseas Chinese to buy back a number of celebrity domain names, including Sun Yat-sen. com, Deng Xiaoping. com, Zhou Enlai. com, heavyweight such as the great man of domain names, he considered that his name be bought Although
花了不少钱, but also very worthwhile, because the name of every Chinese person is carrying a lot of sense, as long as A slightest opportunity, they can not watch these domain names living abroad. These domain names being used in the protection of state, the hope that national institutions can be donated to charity or media site.

When a reporter once again open the “My Olympic” site, reading the title: “2008, remember each movement that touches your heart.” Yes ah, in an extraordinary 2008, we have experienced a number of hardships and a number of shock! We saw a lot of moving scenes that people united and help each other; for many times our leaders fought in the frontline, leading us to overcome various difficulties quickly and successfully walking towards the Beijing Olympic Games.


This domain name news is provided from the SK Net Service Company Ltd

At the individual level, open domain name registration, the world would be about 1.3 billion Internet users can use the personalized, with special meaning of the word as their own personal domain. Such as “. Love”, “. Hate”, “. Jay” as a personalized domain name suffixes can be said to embody the personality of the needs of users, so that they have a new online presentation.
Cities, companies or products will also be a business card belonging to their own network. The cities, could be the name of a city as domain names, recently announced that Paris will be with the Paris signing of several enterprises, the use of. Paris top-level domain name, New York and Berlin is also eager to create. Nyc and. Berlin, then Beijing can also apply for. ” Beijing “for the domain name, not only enhance the image of the city’s network, but also to bring business opportunities to companies and enterprises are also required, registered the domain name is of special significance, brand names such as”. Ibm “or.” Lenovo ” As a personalized top-level domain name, pointing to a specific site, to achieve the purpose of publicity image; groups you can use “. News”, “. Sports” such as names as domain names, the formation of professional groups……
Non-English domain name suffixes the emergence of a language for use with the community to create their own domain names open the door. ICANN to the information provided, at this stage the world there are more than 200 Internet domain names, including “. Com” and “. Edu” such as 21 generic top-level domain names, and representatives of countries around the world and regional domain. The existing system of Internet top-level domain name including the support of only 26 English letters and Arabic numerals and a hyphen 0-9, 37 characters. Although English is a worldwide language, but most people handy or mother tongue, allowing the use of other languages such as Arabic, Chinese, etc., as the Internet top-level domain characters, for those who are not familiar with the English-speaking Internet users have cleared a lot of language barriers, facilitate They visit the site and experience the various networks to facilitate.
For many companies and e-commerce, opening up non-Latin characters in the use of top-level domain, means that a new network strategy. Chinese enterprises as an example, the user simply directly in the browser address bar the importation of all Chinese, the page will automatically Jump to related sites Home. In the 1.3 billion people, “Lenovo” well-known than the “Lenovo” much higher. Lenovo Group will be adopted. “Lenovo” as a domain name suffixes, when users in China will not enter the cumbersome, after Lenovo fake site is the use of the fraud case l lowercase letters and numbers 1, lowercase o And the number 0 is very similar to the implementation, the emergence of pure Chinese domain name, to avoid the high similarity of the fishing site fraud.

In Arabic as the brand name companies as an example, the emergence of local domain name may be a good branding opportunity, they will have the opportunity to use the national language of the domain name to constitute a national enterprises to create an authentic “Arab company’s network card “This is to ensure business online network under the brand consistency, but also for corporate customers and potential customers make sure that you remember. For China, too, Chinese e-commerce will also be reduced due to limitations of the English domain names opportunity cost, access and equal treatment of electronic commerce in English, Chinese and indirectly promote the development of electronic commerce.

This domain name news is provided from the SK Net Service Company Ltd

Personalized Internet domain names open, would be to open Pandora’s Mohe, from the box jumped out to what is the angel or the devil »

In our use of a keyboard percussion. Cn,. Com,. Net, and other traditional English names to open the page, whether the thought of using a more convenient way Enter the URL, let us avoid a series of red tape in the English alphabetical » Recently, in Paris the closing meeting of the Internet industry on a resolution, will allow. “China”, and other non-English domain name suffixes possible. Internet Corporation for Assigned names and numbers (ICANN) announced that the vote has been a substantial increase in the adoption of a new Internet domain names, allowing the use of other languages such as Arabic, Chinese and other characters as the Internet top-level domain proposal means that about 1.3 billion Internet users around the world can Freedom to create personalized top-level domain name.

According to this plan, ICANN from the first half of 2009 will open up the Internet domain name registration restrictions, although specific details of the development process is still in the demonstration, but this news is the potential changes, ICANN chairman Wentworth called the “historic resolution”, which will form the Internet and the mode of operation brought about earth-shaking changes.

Non-English domain name suffixes into the Internet, was born in 1983 meant that the English domain name system “fortress” will be broken and replaced by the world, including Chinese language diversity of top-level domain times. However, the existing Internet domain name system has become, there are certain norms and guidelines, if the sudden emergence of some personalized domain name, Web site analysis may cause difficulties, and registered domain names infringing fashion, and so on a series of negative impacts. Personalized domain names open, would be to open Pandora’s Mohe, from the box jumped out to what is the angel or the devil »

This domain name news is provided from the SK Net Service Company Ltd

Tour operators in the development of mini-phone network game, “Lost Horizon”, is a very unique role-playing cell phone network games, the game is easy to some brilliant comedy adventure game style attracted a large audience. Recently, the official game of “Lost Horizon” to upgrade the official website with the domain name changes, the original changed to This change involves the “lost time” game Wap official Web site and the official website of the changes, the domain name change official at the same time the client also have been updated, please download latest customer terminal. Changes shown in the official domain name change announcement:

“Lost Horizon” the official website with the domain name change announcement

With immediate effect, mini-Tour Network Technology Co., Ltd’s mobile phone network game, “Lost Horizon” official website of the opening of new domain names, to stop using the domain name Phone network game, “Lost Horizon” all external publicity and information related to the game will be the adoption of new domain names for publication, the original domain name in the release of all content has nothing to do with the game company. Web domain name change at the same time, “Lost Horizon” the Wap website with the domain name simultaneously from change to

Any use of the domain name caused the accident, neglect, destruction of the contract, defamation, computer virus infections, copyright or other intellectual property rights disputes and the resulting loss, mini-Tour does not bear any legal responsibility.

Please change the retrieval of all players; Links site to change the corresponding connections. This inconvenience caused to you in this apology! Declare!

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