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Chuan has been a hubbub of the acquisition of GE Haier household appliances business, Haier last weekend was denied. Qingdao Haier said on the weekend of the notice, Haier has not involved in the acquisition of such matters.

Prior to the U.S. GE-General intends to sell home appliances business, valued at 5 billion sale of -80 billion dollars. And then there are those Korea-LG, Electrolux of Sweden, such as shadow.

Haier as the Chinese white goods giant, in recent years, overseas expeditions were lost, GE had become the focus of attention of most people. But the face of the huge purchase price, net profit last year was 10 billion Haier more determined to make this.

Haier’s announcement last weekend that the company has yet to participate in the acquisition of GE appliance business matters. China Merchants Securities analyst Li Yang, Haier acquired the low possibility of GE appliances business. From the end of last year to the performance of the first quarter of this year, Haier’s rapid growth rate of white goods business, not necessarily to expand through the acquisition of GE strength. And the United States and the debt crisis, the international market demand decline for the domestic market by raising interest rates, tightening monetary policy implications of the acquisition of bulk business more cautious. Haier if the acquisition of GE are facing rapid expansion of equity, debt ratio, cash flow shortage and so on.


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