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Having conquered the desktop market, Google appears to be expanding in the field of mobile Internet dominance. Google currently shares 62 percent of U.S. mobile Internet search market, almost equivalent to that of desktop search market. In order to develop mobile search, Google recently created a mobile search site which is very similar with its desktop search site.

According to Nielsen Mobile’s data shows that Google SMS text search in the area are at the leading position, accounting for 40 percent of market share. Yahoo’s market share was 27 percent.

This is noteworthy, because the United States the use of mobile data messaging users search more than the number of mobile Internet search using the number. The former is 13.1 million, which was 11.4 million. Nielsen Mobile research manager Nic Covey said, because Yahoo rapid and extensive access to the mobile market in the mobile Internet continue to be the leading brands, Google, through various forms of mobile search (including SMS, 411 and WAP) has become the field of mobile search Leader.

So, the battle for mobile search ended? ¬ĽOpus Research market research firm in charge of the local mobile search Research analyst Greg Sterling said that this struggle is not over. While mobile search is not a wide open field, but Google’s success in part because mobile devices will depend on whether the search and desktop search as important.

Sterling said to be most in need of mobile content do not need to search. Search may become an option to find the equipment did not provide the information as a secondary tool. Of course, Google has its own set of mobile applications. Google plans to launch this year, the allocation of its operating system Android phone promote these applications.

Sterling said, a short list of bookmarks or favorite sites maybe restore the importance of mobile site and reduce the demand for search.


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