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2008 International Mobile Industry Exhibition and Forum (IMIE2008) in 2008, the morning of June 12 in Tianjin Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center began. The phone for a three-day exhibition, the exhibition also held during the first mobile phone carnival activities and the various manufacturers of communications to new release.

The mobile exhibition compared with the past, continue to maintain high-value forum seminars, overseas procurement, business matching, chip technology, overseas pavilions, and other characteristics at the same time, add a “new mobile phone releases, innovative channels for the General Assembly, 3 G business experience , Cell phone carnival “and the four bright spots, and in the entire mobile exhibition to attract the most attention of the people is the first mobile phone carnival activities.

It is learnt that the “carnival” for the IMIE form a new exhibition, the show introduced the first time this year. Exhibition at the scene, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Dopod, Tianyu-Lang, Jin, TCL, the letter, Disney, the CLP, Haier, Hisense, Yulong, and other brands from more than 20 enterprises in the new Published and preferential promotions, this will be the Tianjin mobile exhibition to a climax. In addition, the participating mobile phone operators in this carnival on a comprehensive display of China’s independent research and development of the 3 G standards: TD-SCDMA, this is also the current activities of the carnival a big Aspect.

For many consumers, or 3 G is still a relatively alien concept, the less the opportunity for everyone to experience 3 G mobile terminal Charm and business. At the current mobile phone during the carnival, China Mobile jointly TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance dedicated 3 G Experience Museum, to display a full range of mobile phones and various TD many new businesses, as the audience provided a mobile phone with 3 G’s close – Experience opportunities.

Tianjin held annually in the international mobile industry exhibition (Tianjin mobile exhibition or IMIE) is the largest, the highest international level, industry integrity of the strongest field of mobile communications professional exchanges and brand display platform. The exhibition held in Tianjin, known as “mobile phones are” good reputation, the data show: My cell phone every four out of a production comes from Tianjin, the world every 10 mobile phones out of a production comes from Tianjin. Tianjin as the core of the Bohai Rim region brought together such as Motorola, Samsung, Freescale, ZTE, Microsoft, and other electronic communications leader, to become the mobile phone manufacturers, semiconductor chips, software applications and operating services and value-added services and other industries The focus of the region. Tianjin has become the industry enterprises in the exchange of information, promotion, the new release of the best museum.

Tianjin mobile exhibition since its inception in 2003 in Tianjin take full advantage of the special geographical advantages, and the State Ministry of Information Industry, Ministry of Commerce, Tianjin People’s Government strongly support, has successfully held five sessions, including the progressive development of a carrier, Complete machine manufacturers, value-added services to manufacturers, mobile phone dealers, design companies, parts manufacturers, mobile platform vendors, equipment and materials manufacturers, such as mobile phone industry chain recognized by all sectors of the country’s most authoritative, sets and technological exchanges, product display, procurement Negotiations, information dissemination, and other functions in the integrated platform for the exchange of high-value industries.

In addition, the current mobile outreach activities organized by the same period are: 2008 China Industrial Development Forum phone; IDG International Mobile Summit; mobile / portable electronic technology forum; China’s mobile phone industry channels Innovation Forum; business matching activities, supporting cross-border procurement to the General Assembly; Sharon industry managers, and other gatherings.


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