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Seoul Gates “naked tax”, Tang Jun, Chen Tianqiao, Charles Zhang, Robin Li, Shi Yuzhu, and so many Chinese IT company to Regal Morning News yesterday through careful to express his own attitude: While appreciation is covered Mainz acts, but can not be done, because companies are still relatively young, the future will be how to manage their wealth, it is still too early to discuss now.

As in previous disaster relief contributions, some netizens accountability not part of a relatively small contributions or contributions to the business makes many IT tycoons of wealth and charitable cause Chuyanjinshen. Yesterday, a number of IT at the Regal, the other side of the calls or not, or do not want to comment on this or let’s find a company public relations departments. An online gaming company spokesman said, Gates is using his own actions will be to a charity Bagao difficult to match the height, it is worth learning, but the fact is the Chinese system with the United States have differences, the Chinese believe that these tycoons have their own IT Thought and action, it is not yet mature enough, so now choose low-key treatment.

“If you have a glass of water, you can enjoy alone, if you have a bucket of water, stored in the home can enjoy slowly, if you have a river, the Institute should be shared with others.” Gates, who work at Microsoft for 10 years “China The first professional manager, “Tang Jun said yesterday, many IT companies founder of the accumulation of wealth at best be regarded as” a bucket of water “, but often come up with all the expectations and to share, otherwise it would be subject to public opinion Kouzhubifa. In fact, to do charitable people should have more tolerance.

Tang Jun said, surrounded by his many friends and have started to do charitable efforts, although Gates is far from over, but I think the future will be more people concerned about charity, a position more and more people will join To the charitable cause, “Maybe not all of the assets donated, but 20%, 30%, 50% or even more, the Chinese entrepreneurs in the future will appear.”

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