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Samsung Electronics recently produced the world’s largest production size of the first 82-inch LCD monitor in its Tianjin plant off the assembly line, the first batch of products will be used in airport and the Stock Exchange. In response to China’s large-screen display needs of the explosive growth of the market, Samsung plans to build a second Chinese LCD plant, amount of investment is estimated to be 500 million U.S. dollars, the company is in the site.

The eighth generation panel production technologies based on the introduction of the Model 820 DXn, before breaking the 700 DXn from Samsung to maintain the largest LCD production world record. The LCD also has a high degree of intelligent standby, the effect Jiang Li, the advantages of low energy consumption, the standby power consumption less than 1 W.

According to reports, this large-screen LCD displays, such as the airport has applied to broaden our horizons of public space. Prior to meet the needs of the Capital Airport terminal T3, Samsung will have the first batch of 70-inch large-screen displays used in the airport’s T3 terminal public display system.

In addition, the Shanghai Stock Exchange through a public bidding and purchasing also selected the Samsung 46-inch professional big-screen monitors, and a 4 x2 and 2 x6 use of the mosaic, and to monitor lamp life and high stability and high user access to the praise.

The industry that, along with display technology advances and the level of public information dissemination and upgrading large-size professional video display devices are advertising media, chain, traffic management, energy production and government agencies a wide range of popular, market demand prospects are bright. To meet market demand, Samsung Electronics launched a 40-inch, 46 inches, 57 inches, 70 inches, 82-inch-wide series of large-size LCD monitors.

Samsung Electronics vice president of marketing for the Greater China region said Qu Jingdong, taking into account China’s strong market demand, the future will increase in the Chinese market promotion, and will establish a second LCD plant. 2007, Samsung replenishment of nearly 100 million U.S. dollars to expand Samsung LCD factory in Suzhou two, to double the capacity to produce 5 million units in size.

2006 to 2007, more than the Samsung 46-inch large-screen LCD sales jumped from 100 to 6,000, including the Beijing Olympic venues cubic meters of water, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and other world-renowned manufacturers and major public facilities and information Ads are a Samsung display products and solutions.

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