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Shayuergui after the acquisition, Yahoo, Microsoft began a challenge in the field of Internet search Google’s other try.

Microsoft hopes to acquire Powerset. Powerset is developing a more intelligent Internet search technology. Powerset using the so-called “semantic Web”, based on keywords and its meaning to understand the context generate search results. This technology and the current major search engines use different technologies.

VentureBeat blog site on June 26 first reported Microsoft’s intention to acquire Powerset news. Reported that Microsoft’s intention to over 100 million U.S. dollars to buy Powerset. It was close to Powerset, a source said that several search engines have expressed interest in acquisition of the company. Microsoft and Powerset’s spokesman did not comment on the report.

If we can successfully acquire Powerset, Microsoft overtake Google in the road will take a major step forward. In some cases, Powerset and other Semantic Web search engine performance over Google. When the user wants access to medical and legal issues in specific areas of the detailed answers to the circumstances of their outstanding performance in particular. Powerset one of the early investors Ailikedi Lunniu Si said that the search semantic search technology is the third phase of development.

In addition, Google can easily search semantic shift. Google and Microsoft and other major search engines have been scanning and indexing huge volumes of Web pages, so their server can be “dedicated” to a new analysis of each of the hundreds of millions of new sites, and will add to the information in their databases .

Using semantic search technology will require these search giant to start from scratch re-scan all the pages. Semantic search engine Hakia’s CEO, said Zuo Bokan, “the major search engines can not play the way a patch semantic search technology from scratch we have adopted the method, this is a semantic search technology necessary.”

Microsoft faces the best opportunities

Semantic its own search technology development very difficult. Google has hired a number of semantic search technology experts, in the first decade of this century most of the time, has been in the development of semantic search engine technology. Harvard Business School assistant professor of strategic Andre Haji You said, if we can be successful, Microsoft will acquire Powerset is very important, it will be revolutionary technology, to go beyond Google to lay a solid foundation.

Of course, Microsoft also need to re-scan all of its pages. However, simply buy Yahoo for 46 billion U.S. dollars a small part, Microsoft could buy the necessary equipment. In addition, it needs to do so willing to bear the risks and costs.

Microsoft and Powerset in other areas are complementary. And the development of Google search to complete all the one-stop search engine difference is that Microsoft will be its search engine into several pieces comparison shopping engine Microsoft Live Cashback, tourism and medical Farecast search engine search engine . com. At present, the semantic search technology is the best at the request of such search, which helps them to more detailed scan relatively small number of pages. To quickly scan the entire Web is very difficult.

Powerset the potential problems

Baozhibaibing Powerset is not a panacea. Semantic search completed the required capacity and the technology is a major flaw. A microprocessor of a page may need 20 seconds, many semantic search engine is only part of scanning the page.

For instance, Powerset only scan the site on the Wikipedia article. Another semantic search engine Cognition scan medical and legal areas of the page. Semantic search engines to scan the entire Web take a few years time.

The second possible problem is that the market has two semantic search engine in an attempt to challenge Google. Hakia has financed 21 million U.S. dollars to the development of the entire index of Web search engine that it hopes one day to become Google’s competitors. Bokan said, “We hope to become a major search engine competitors, five years in the search market will change.”

Some of these semantic search engine Google was willing to buy. Cogito Focus semantic search engine developers Expert System will be CEO of Brooke Aaker with mainstream search engines is to promote cooperation as the quickest way semantic technology. Aaker said, “I think the two should be integrated, and we do not have quite the scale of Google’s data center.”

Microsoft’s challenge

Even the deployment of a semantic search the infrastructure required, Microsoft will still face two major challenges, it may take a few years time to solve the two major challenges. A challenge and multimedia-related. Semantic search technology does not provide video and images to identify the perfect solution, can only scan video or images used to describe the text, but not of images or video in the background music, to determine whether accurate description of the text. Google in the development of better technology, it recruited last September to help it understand the image experts.

Microsoft faces another major obstacle is the Google brand power. Google has become synonymous with search, the user a high degree of loyalty. To get market share, the need to establish the semantic search engine than Google can provide better, more relevant search results of the image.

Microsoft is to challenge Google search field. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has repeatedly said that the company’s search strategy is a marathon. Shayuergui after the acquisition, Yahoo, Microsoft launched a strategic reserve.

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