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With Google in the search market “dominance” gradually strengthen, many industry believes that the search market of the game is over, market participants can be given the opportunity to rest just on Google on the basis of secondary development. However, at present there are still some search market could change this situation trend.

Many business enterprises have realized that even if the search was only 1 percent of the market share, business also means a great success. Therefore, Google the future may not be another search giant beat, but thousands of small search company gradually eroded.

Following is the 11 most likely caused by the impact of the Google search trends.

1. Natural language search

Studied artificial intelligence and natural language search users are aware, “paris” and “apple” and other words have a variety of meanings, Google can not search for keywords in a single distinction between different meanings. Therefore the development of natural language search is to break the current situation will be an important driving force, but the search code more complex, higher search costs.

2. Internet search infrastructure and opening up

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft’s widely accepted that one of the reasons is that they had adequate search engine optimization, but some marginal users still face difficulties. In addition, self-procurement and cataloguing the entire network server for many businesses is too high. At present, Yahoo, Microsoft and Amazon has been gradually opening to the outside world of Internet search infrastructure.

3. Yahoo Search Monkey may never have to counterattack

Search Monkey is open Yahoo Internet search part of the infrastructure, but Yahoo is not likely to have been recognized in the case of unfair competition to defeat Google. However, Yahoo may take such measures: “This is our present to complete the development of the people welcome any attempt to continue to develop.”

4. Wikipedia will continue to try to profit

Powerset has search engine to narrow in the Wikipedia search on the target range, but Freebase also use Wikipedia as a core data sources. Wikipedia’s structure and standardization of the search engine is very useful, and its “history” feature to track the source of data to improve the credibility of the search results.

5. Core search technology is still investment

New search technology is still some investment, this phenomenon with Google in the search market, a dominance of the situation is not consistent. For example, Blekko only site in just a prototype of the circumstances on access to 2 million U.S. dollars investment, and Cuill more in April was 25 million U.S. dollars of funds. In fact, those investors are smart people, time will prove that their move is correct.

6. Image Search of development

How to search pictures, video and audio is still on the hot computer engineers. However, the preparation of such a search engine to the code, and search high cost. The nature of competition in this field is how to do under the circumstances of low-cost “good enough.”

7. Blog label (Tag) function may not be conducive to Google

Many network management and blog in the article by adding labels, so that Google can have access to these articles. But this may not be equally beneficial to Google. Other search engines may have adopted some measures to change the habits of the user’s label, the label and user may change a little bit of Google’s search results caused the overall impact.

8. White list stop spam

For search engines and e-mail service, spam is a big problem, white list is the way to solve this problem. In the search area, users can search through the Google Custom Search Monkey or Yahoo search to determine the scope. This only one person can complete.

9.P2P the development of search

P2P search through all the search work do not need to focus on multiple servers in the completion. Faroo site in this regard some work. P2P search rely on. Net technology, which is Microsoft’s advantage.

10. Relational database development

The data in the relational database is easy to search, and many sites have begun in the API used in the organization of the relational database. The future there will be more and more searches are not based on HTML pages.

11.Adwords the problems brought about

If there are no good profit strategy, all the search technology is insignificant. Advertisers want to buy a lower price search keywords, issuers would like to higher prices, and search users search engine to even hope that the return of cash.

These trends show that search engines are still in constant innovation. Google is involved in this innovative, Yahoo, Microsoft and Amazon is the same, then three more likely to become the next search to Jiaoju market.

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