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Social networking has ne’er comprised because all important and good to accompanies. Inch our technical world your next business prospect could only be a mouse-click away.

We totally know that through active in local organizations and being active in our communities we are often greeted with the perk of new business opportunities. However, you may not be aware of the business communities that are being developed and thriving online. This networks allow you to locate business chances as well as find companies that may be able to serve your business-to-business needs.
Using these virtual networking tools you can connect with extremely talented and professional people, but don’t just sit back waiting for others to come to you. You have to make an effort in building your online network, this means reaching out and building relationships with those that you have something in common with. You will be amazed at however quick you’ll start to get at know other people.
Hera domain a few of my popular social networks:

LinkedIn has become my favorite online social network for business purposes. It’s easy to view profiles, get connected, and even recruit potential new hires. There is also a recommendation feature that allows you to see what others say about an individual.
Facebook isn’t just for kids anymore. The demographic of this social network continues to broaden. I’ve found that I love the features and the different applications that are available. It also carries with it a certain level of privacy that I have not seen in the other networks. With 600 million searches and more than 30 billion page views a month can you afford not to be part of this network?

I’m still not fond of MySpace. It continues to carry that juvenile feel for me, but I have some readers that say MySpace works for them. Don’t discount it – it’s working for some perhaps it can work for you as well.

VisiblePath is Silicon Valley-based. It is a lot like LinkedIn, but it automatically determines who your real network is, and how strong each individual relationship is, based on your emails and calendar items that involve them. VisiblePath is the new kid on the block; just having launched at Web 2.0 Expo in May of this year.
Prestigious, cream of the crop professionals. Great features, fantastic focus groups, and awesome business networking opportunities. This network launched in July 2004 with great buzz, but seem to have lost the excitement since then.
Large database of users, casual and more of a social atmosphere. A little difficult to navigate, but overall it’s a great place to hang your hat. Take a few moments browse the networks and look for others that you have something in common with. Who knows you may just find your neighbor lurking around there. Orkut
Orkut is owned and developed by the mega search engine Google, I have to say at first this network carried with it a lot of excitement, unfortunately I became uninterested when I started getting email messages from people I didn’t even know. While the communities are nicely developed I find that I spend more time in the previously mentioned networks. However, don’t let my opinion sway you – this network may just have what you are looking for.

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This article was brought by the SK Net Service Company Ltd

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Article marketing is not simply about
getting traffic to your website, it is about testing the niche waters in order to find
out what will be profitable. Of course many people do use article marketing
successfully in order to drive traffic to their main website. Others, however, have
found that it is also very profitable to use article marketing to drive traffic to
various affiliate programs in order to determine which will be the most profitable. If
you like working with affiliate programs, or if you do not have your own product to
market, then article marketing can help you to start making money online.

One of the best things about article marketing is that it does not really have any
boundaries. Other than a need to stay within certain regulations that the article
directories impose upon you, you are free to wander into what ever niche that you
choose. When I first started using article marketing as a serious tool to make money, I
decided that I was going to test as many different niche products as I could. I can’t
tell you how happy I am that I decided to run my business this way.

For every niche that I was able to find success, I’d find out some other that would
All break. From class there were a lot of that found their way into the middle of the
two, but I consider any success to be a success. If I were to have started out
marketing one niche product that didn’t work, I may never have found the level of
success with article marketing that I did. That is why it is important to spread
yourself a little thin. Find out as quickly as possible which niches will be fruitful
and which will not. Anatomy your business concern about fruitful niches and you will go far.

Another thing that article marketing is great for is testing out niche markets for your
own product. Many people spend a lot of money in order to find out if their business
model will be profitable. If you do some article marketing and drive targeted traffic
to a niche website you will be able to find out in a short period of time if it is
worth pursuing. The only cost involved will be your time.

Article marketing is one of the most powerful niche marketing tools that there is
available online. Not only does it drive targeted traffic to your website but it does
so at no cost. So before you dive into niche waters, make sure that you test them with
article marketing first.

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This industry news is provided from the SK Net Service Company Ltd

U.S. market research firm StrategyAnalytics recently forecast that the market share of Google Android phones in the U.S. smartphone in the fourth quarter is expected to reach 4%.

According to foreign media reports, Google’s first phone Andorid is produced by HTC Dream, Google said that the carrier will be T-Mobile in the United States on September 23 an official release, and was listed at around mid-October.

The use of 3G mobile networks, users of two-year contract price of 199 U.S. dollars.

Strategy forecast in the fourth quarter of the U.S. smartphone sales will reach 10,500,000, of which Android mobile phone sales will reach about 400,000.

Strategy also said that Apple’s sales in the fourth quarter is expected to reach 1,000,000.

Strategy wireless device strategies of the Department of NeilMawston president, said: “Google is increasingly competitive smart phone market, cut a striking figure in this market, including BlackBerry, Microsoft, Apple, Palm and Symbian series of strong competitors.”

Strategy executive director ChrisAmbrosio said in a statement, the long-term success of Android mobile phone is due to easy-to-use user interface designed by the developers as well as the low price below 200 U.S. dollars. He said that Google should do its utmost to promote the growth of mobile phone Android, to provide more Google network products to business users, such as advertising, maps and search.

This International news is provided from the SK Net Service Company Ltd

F5 Networks, Inc. today report 165.6 million U.S. dollars gain in the third quarter increased 4 percent compared with the second quarter of 159.1 million U.S. dollars and 25 percent with the same period of 132.4 million U.S. dollars last year.

GAAP net income of 19.1 million U.S. dollars (0.23 U.S. dollars per diluted share), while the second quarter of 17.7 million U.S. dollars (0.21 U.S. dollars per diluted share), compared with the same period last year, 21.8 million U.S. dollars (0.26 U.S. dollars per diluted share).

Get rid of after-tax stock-based compensation programme costs, non-GAAP net income of 30.2 million U.S. dollars (0.37 U.S. dollars per diluted share), while the second quarter of 28.9 million U.S. dollars (0.35 U.S. dollars per diluted share), compared with the same period last year, 30.3 million U.S. dollars (per diluted Unit 0.36 U.S. dollars).

F5 president and chief executive officer John McAdam said: “In the third quarter, our core application delivery controller (ADC) business further growth.”

“As we expected, Jigui Shi Wei Pu-long (VIPRION) controller is to promote income growth products a key element. Weipu Dragon’s sales in the large-scale Internet content and service provider market, especially popular, is expected exuberant The market demand will continue until the end of fiscal year 2008. Weipu-high-end product line for us the strength to make a significant contribution to sales, we believe that, today introduced a new entry-level ADC products will be on the low-end product sales Have a positive impact. BIG-IP 1600 and BIG-IP 3600 on behalf of the 2009 fiscal year will launch a new platform for the first batch of products, for the whole ADC product line lead to higher performance and more features. “

In addition to a stable revenue and earnings growth, in the third quarter the account receivables increased by 13 percent to 139 million U.S. dollars, while operating cash flow amounted to 56 million U.S. dollars. Deducted 50 million U.S. dollars which was used by the company to repurchase parts of ordinary shares, F5’s cash and investments amounted to 447 million U.S. dollars at the end of the quarter.

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July 28, according to foreign media reports, Goldman Sachs Group recently pointed out that the News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch (Rupert Murdoch) terms, the status of MySpace business is full of joys and tears. The pleasure thing is that MySpace has become a real profitable business, and the tragedy is the growth trend has slowed down.

According to Goldman Sachs is expected, Murdoch’s Internet business worth 3 billion U.S. dollars, and the figure is not based on MySpace and other Fox Interactive media assets to attract users by the number of visits, nor is it based on the revenues of these assets, but on the basis of their profits. This means that Murdoch’s MySpace and other Web assets has become a real profitable business.

News Corp. said in May this year, Fox Interactive Media’s profits will reach 900 million U.S. dollars, lower than previously expected 1 billion U.S. dollars. Although Murdoch does not meet expectations, but it is a profitable business. According to Goldman Sachs analyst Make Wei En Kaisi (Mark Wienkes) is expected, the 2008 FIM before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization profit (EBITDA) will reach 155 million U.S. dollars.

By contrast, Fox Interactive Media’s revenue increase is not very optimistic, there will be only 12%. In the United States, MySpace users have reached peak volume. With Facebook and other social networking sites of the growth of MySpace has brought to a lot of pressure.

Fortunately, this 12 percent of adding revenue will be achieved after the end of the three years’ contract between Fox Interactive Media and Google, the results can still be acceptable in the economic downturn today.

This IT news is Provided from the SK Net Service Company Ltd

English domain names on the general international organizations or companies usually have. COM,. NET and. ORG three types can choose. In accordance with the provisions of its representative nature of the business or service are as follows:
. com for commercial organizations or companies
. net used for Internet-related network services to agencies or companies
. org for non-profit organizations, groups cn domain names include the type of domain names and administrative divisions of domain names,
Such as: Is in accordance with the type of domain name applications from the nature of the domain names, including:
AC scientific research institutions
COM industrial and commercial, financial, and other enterprises
EDU educational institutions
GOV government departments
NET Internet access network information centre (NIC) and Operation Center (NOC)
ORG various non-profit organization
You can choose the nature of your organization for your units to use the domain name.

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