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Fexon Technology Ltd/Star East Technology Ltd reports: All of the global reorganization of the telecommunications industry, the most famous is the U.S. government on AT & T’s split.

AT & T’s predecessor was invented by the people Bell Telephone in 1877 to create the U.S. Bell telephone companies. 1895, the Bell companies to the United States is developing a nationwide long-distance business projects division, established an independent company known as the United States Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT & T). 1899, AT & T Bell integration of the U.S. business and assets into the parent company of Bell System. The company has been the U.S. long-distance telephone technology pioneer.

1984, the U.S. Department of Justice based on “anti-trust laws” will be in a monopolistic position in the AT & T into eight. Some parties recalled that AT & T had tried to persuade, but the Government was firmly rejected. Subsequently, AT & T was split into a succession of the new name of the parent company AT & T Corporation (franchise long-distance telephone business) and seven local telephone companies, the telecommunications industry from the United States entered the era of competition. 1995, from AT & T isolated from the development of manufacturing equipment in the Lucent and NCR. In this connection, AT & T only communication services. (Fexon Technology Ltd)

This move has been emulated by many countries, once regarded as a panacea for anti-monopoly.

February 1999, China’s State Council, China Telecom adopted a restructuring plan, the sweeping reorganization was considered an unprecedented history of China’s telecommunications reform. After the reorganization of China Telecom Administration of Posts and Telecommunications was conducted according to the nature of business and vertical decomposition were set up China Telecom Group, China Mobile Communications Group Corporation, China Satellite Communications Corporation of the letter and paging communications companies. By the end of 2001, the State Council approved the China Telecom to the north-south geographical sector, divided into two as China Telecom and China Netcom both companies restructuring plan. China’s telecom industry restructuring has come to an end on this.

But in many industry, the two stressed that competition, oppose monopoly said the restructuring is a success. In the United States, many operators to lower rates, but also to the user a lot of inconvenience, many mobile phone users in the United States can not even smooth roaming. In China, also led to a reorganization of two years after the reunification of China Mobile the world.(Star East Technology Ltd)


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