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August 13, 2008, wealthy website published an article that in order to get better search experience, Google adjusted search advertising in the search results on purpose, as a result, some advertisers reduced the number of ads on Google’s search advertising to Yahoo, Yahoo is benefitingfrom it.

According to marketing analysis firm Covario a report showed that the second quarter, many technology companies to reduce the advertising on Google’s search advertising budget, the switch to Yahoo. It was learned that these companies, including RIM, Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Lenovo, this part of search advertising budget of about 4 per cent of the total investment. Covario that this is the last two years, Yahoo’s paid search advertising growth for the first time.

However, for Google, advertisers this small change is not too serious matter. Most of those advertisers or advertising for on Google, according to the data Covario the second quarter, science and technology, advertisers have voted by the paid search ads in Google accounted for 81.2 percent, Yahoo 14.3 percent share, Microsoft accounted for only 4.3% .

Wall Street analysts pointed out that search advertising on this small change is not surprising, since Google to give users a better search experience, deliberately search advertising has made some adjustments in the search results only show that the right side of search advertising. For those who want ads in search results for other parts of the customer, is likely to change some of their ads on Yahoo to invest.

Thomas Weisel analyst Christa Quarles explained, “If I enter Harry Potter on Google to find, I do not see any search advertising, but if the Yahoo search on those keywords, there will be corresponding ads.’s Largest The problem is, Google in the search advertising on whether to begin a lack of initiative. ”

Google product management executives Jonathan Rosenburg said, Google will not change the original plan. In July Google’s earnings conference call, Rosenburg compared to acknowledge the past few quarters, the second quarter of search ads in search results show that the number has dropped, but the company has been committed to improving the quality of each ad. “Larry Page often said that the best we have in the search results to show one ad, one of the best advertising”, Rosenburg said.

If Google does not change the idea of concentrated essence, Yahoo could benefit more in the third quarter.


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Having conquered the desktop market, Google appears to be expanding in the field of mobile Internet dominance. Google currently shares 62 percent of U.S. mobile Internet search market, almost equivalent to that of desktop search market. In order to develop mobile search, Google recently created a mobile search site which is very similar with its desktop search site.

According to Nielsen Mobile’s data shows that Google SMS text search in the area are at the leading position, accounting for 40 percent of market share. Yahoo’s market share was 27 percent.

This is noteworthy, because the United States the use of mobile data messaging users search more than the number of mobile Internet search using the number. The former is 13.1 million, which was 11.4 million. Nielsen Mobile research manager Nic Covey said, because Yahoo rapid and extensive access to the mobile market in the mobile Internet continue to be the leading brands, Google, through various forms of mobile search (including SMS, 411 and WAP) has become the field of mobile search Leader.

So, the battle for mobile search ended? »Opus Research market research firm in charge of the local mobile search Research analyst Greg Sterling said that this struggle is not over. While mobile search is not a wide open field, but Google’s success in part because mobile devices will depend on whether the search and desktop search as important.

Sterling said to be most in need of mobile content do not need to search. Search may become an option to find the equipment did not provide the information as a secondary tool. Of course, Google has its own set of mobile applications. Google plans to launch this year, the allocation of its operating system Android phone promote these applications.

Sterling said, a short list of bookmarks or favorite sites maybe restore the importance of mobile site and reduce the demand for search.

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Icahn himself Monday in a statement that he and Ballmer last week with several Microsoft senior deputies held several talks, some time talking to more than one hour. Icahn said that if the expulsion is not the current members of the Board Yahoo, Microsoft will no longer dealing with Yahoo.
July 8 news, the reporter received Microsoft is to launch on Yahoo’s board of directors of the proxy battle for the U.S. billionaire, the radical investors Kaeryikan an open letter. Microsoft in an open letter, “said the shareholder after the elections, we are convinced that Microsoft would be interested with the new board of directors of Yahoo a major transactions, such as large-scale financing secured to buy the ‘search’ function, or, for a way Yahoo’s acquisition of the entire company. ”

Icahn himself Monday in a statement that he and Ballmer last week with several Microsoft senior deputies held several talks, some time talking to more than one hour. Icahn said that if the expulsion is not the current members of the Board Yahoo, Microsoft will no longer dealing with Yahoo. Icahn said in the letter, Ballmer made it clear that if Yahoo set up a new board of directors, he will be dealing with Yahoo is very interested, as in the case of income to ensure that the acquisition search assets, or buy the entire company.

Microsoft Kaeryikan Following is the letter issued by the statement:

In the past week, we have the opportunity to join with Carl Icahn on Microsoft and Yahoo (Yahoo!) Might be reached between the prospects of an agreement for consultations.

While we, since January 31 since the first half of last year and has been tireless efforts, but we are never able to timely manner and acceptable terms and conditions of Yahoo’s current management and board of directors to reach an agreement. Our conclusion is that we can not reach any agreement with them. After the election in the shareholders, we are convinced that Microsoft would be interested with the new board of directors of Yahoo a major transactions, such as large-scale financing secured to buy the “Search” function, or, for a way to acquire the entire Yahoo.

As Mr. Icahn in today’s statement said, at this time to discuss the potential transaction price or other terms, and other important details is premature. We respect the Yahoo shareholders to decide their fate of the company the right, and we also do not intend to Yahoo shareholders prior to the convening of the General Assembly to participate in the current reviews of these issues.

As we announced in Yahoo and Google to reach an agreement (June 12), as explained, we believe that our proposed acquisition of search and partnerships will be able to Yahoo’s shareholders and the market value of excellence. Even if we with our own Internet search and advertising products is continuing to move forward, but our position remains unchanged. So, welcome Mr. Icahn interest on this issue and other issues were discussed.

If the General Assembly convened in Yahoo shareholders after the election of a new board of directors, we are ready to discuss with their immediate, but for the future of the transactions we still can not make any guarantees.

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Shayuergui after the acquisition, Yahoo, Microsoft began a challenge in the field of Internet search Google’s other try.

Microsoft hopes to acquire Powerset. Powerset is developing a more intelligent Internet search technology. Powerset using the so-called “semantic Web”, based on keywords and its meaning to understand the context generate search results. This technology and the current major search engines use different technologies.

VentureBeat blog site on June 26 first reported Microsoft’s intention to acquire Powerset news. Reported that Microsoft’s intention to over 100 million U.S. dollars to buy Powerset. It was close to Powerset, a source said that several search engines have expressed interest in acquisition of the company. Microsoft and Powerset’s spokesman did not comment on the report.

If we can successfully acquire Powerset, Microsoft overtake Google in the road will take a major step forward. In some cases, Powerset and other Semantic Web search engine performance over Google. When the user wants access to medical and legal issues in specific areas of the detailed answers to the circumstances of their outstanding performance in particular. Powerset one of the early investors Ailikedi Lunniu Si said that the search semantic search technology is the third phase of development.

In addition, Google can easily search semantic shift. Google and Microsoft and other major search engines have been scanning and indexing huge volumes of Web pages, so their server can be “dedicated” to a new analysis of each of the hundreds of millions of new sites, and will add to the information in their databases .

Using semantic search technology will require these search giant to start from scratch re-scan all the pages. Semantic search engine Hakia’s CEO, said Zuo Bokan, “the major search engines can not play the way a patch semantic search technology from scratch we have adopted the method, this is a semantic search technology necessary.”

Microsoft faces the best opportunities

Semantic its own search technology development very difficult. Google has hired a number of semantic search technology experts, in the first decade of this century most of the time, has been in the development of semantic search engine technology. Harvard Business School assistant professor of strategic Andre Haji You said, if we can be successful, Microsoft will acquire Powerset is very important, it will be revolutionary technology, to go beyond Google to lay a solid foundation.

Of course, Microsoft also need to re-scan all of its pages. However, simply buy Yahoo for 46 billion U.S. dollars a small part, Microsoft could buy the necessary equipment. In addition, it needs to do so willing to bear the risks and costs.

Microsoft and Powerset in other areas are complementary. And the development of Google search to complete all the one-stop search engine difference is that Microsoft will be its search engine into several pieces comparison shopping engine Microsoft Live Cashback, tourism and medical Farecast search engine search engine . com. At present, the semantic search technology is the best at the request of such search, which helps them to more detailed scan relatively small number of pages. To quickly scan the entire Web is very difficult.

Powerset the potential problems

Baozhibaibing Powerset is not a panacea. Semantic search completed the required capacity and the technology is a major flaw. A microprocessor of a page may need 20 seconds, many semantic search engine is only part of scanning the page.

For instance, Powerset only scan the site on the Wikipedia article. Another semantic search engine Cognition scan medical and legal areas of the page. Semantic search engines to scan the entire Web take a few years time.

The second possible problem is that the market has two semantic search engine in an attempt to challenge Google. Hakia has financed 21 million U.S. dollars to the development of the entire index of Web search engine that it hopes one day to become Google’s competitors. Bokan said, “We hope to become a major search engine competitors, five years in the search market will change.”

Some of these semantic search engine Google was willing to buy. Cogito Focus semantic search engine developers Expert System will be CEO of Brooke Aaker with mainstream search engines is to promote cooperation as the quickest way semantic technology. Aaker said, “I think the two should be integrated, and we do not have quite the scale of Google’s data center.”

Microsoft’s challenge

Even the deployment of a semantic search the infrastructure required, Microsoft will still face two major challenges, it may take a few years time to solve the two major challenges. A challenge and multimedia-related. Semantic search technology does not provide video and images to identify the perfect solution, can only scan video or images used to describe the text, but not of images or video in the background music, to determine whether accurate description of the text. Google in the development of better technology, it recruited last September to help it understand the image experts.

Microsoft faces another major obstacle is the Google brand power. Google has become synonymous with search, the user a high degree of loyalty. To get market share, the need to establish the semantic search engine than Google can provide better, more relevant search results of the image.

Microsoft is to challenge Google search field. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has repeatedly said that the company’s search strategy is a marathon. Shayuergui after the acquisition, Yahoo, Microsoft launched a strategic reserve.

This IT news Provided from the SK Net Service Company Ltd

According to a local time this week announced the court documents show that, early this year, Microsoft announced the acquisition programme in the day before, Yahoo officials on the anti-monopoly concerns and abandon with Google’s search advertising outsourcing transactions. These lawyers for the court documents, designed to put pressure on Yahoo, Yahoo and Microsoft to promote the acquisition of the re-negotiation.

Microsoft announced the acquisition programme in the day before that, in January 30 this year held an internal meeting of all members, officials prepared for Yahoo in a document “We will be concerned about the long-term value creation, rather than short-term gains” remarks . When Yahoo employees to question whether Yahoo’s search advertising should be outsourced to the question of Google, Yahoo officials are prepared to answer any short-term gains will affect Yahoo’s long-term strategy for the normal operation of advertising.

The document said that the outsourcing of search advertising business of short-term monetary analysis may not be taken into account, if you search for an effective monopoly, will have a long-term impact on market competition, which refers to the currency of the search advertising sales.

These comments followed with Yahoo’s attitude just the opposite, Yahoo in the April 9 announced that it would try Google’s search advertising technology, rely on Google’s technology to Yahoo’s advertising sales.

Why would the big 180-degree turn »

The big change could be regarded as Yahoo refused to Microsoft in cash and stock, or 31 U.S. dollars per share of the purchase price of the options strategy. Microsoft This is a challenge Google and Yahoo may form a cooperative relationship. Government regulatory agencies that have come forward to investigate Google and Yahoo’s partnerships.

Since the majority of people through the Internet search to obtain information, search-based advertising because of their high accuracy and become the Google machine to make money. Yahoo clearly taking advantage of their technology and use Google technology created by the gap between the benefits. Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang at a meeting last week, said: “We understand that Google can do for us what we can do for Google.”


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