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“Wireless search” Although the market has not yet really started, but with the 3 G era is approaching, “wireless search for” tremendous growth potential has attracted users of the Internet giants compete layout.

Recently, the domestic Internet industry renowned investigative bodies Analysys International issued “China’s wireless search market statistics report,” noted that, at the first quarter of this year, total domestic wireless users search market amounted to 44.23 million, Central than the growth rate of eight percent. Among them, Baidu’s users amounted to 22.4 million, ranking first, while Google, and so are followed.

In addition to Analysys International, other research institutions that this year is expected to search the domestic wireless subscribers will reach 117 million by 2010, the market size of users is expected to grow to 200 million. And international research institutions to Jupiter Research data show that in 2007 the nascent global wireless search market income of about 700 million U.S. dollars, to 2012, its revenue will reach 2.2 billion U.S. dollars. Jupiter Research, wireless search of thunder will eventually overshadowed the traditional networks.

On the domestic market, some experts pointed out that, compared with 230 million Internet users, China’s mobile communications users has reached 500 million, such a large user market has given way to more and more companies realize the strategic position of wireless search. Recently, the ongoing reorganization of the telecommunications and 3 G licences of the time is approaching, will further strengthen the wireless search market, competitive and open. Because, “With 3 G era of wireless broadband technology applications, wireless Internet is bound to set off a new round of the tide, which also search the market for wireless high-speed development has brought enormous opportunities.” The expert said. Wireless search has become a search engine service providers future business development the top priority.

In fact, the wireless search market may have early access to the “Warring States Period”, the reporter learned that the future in this field in order to occupy strategic high ground of the major Internet companies have long been a matter of fact in Happy Valley enclosure.

As early as the beginning of last year, Google on cooperation with China Mobile started in the country to provide wireless search services. Almost at the same time, Baidu also with the mobile operators in close contact, met with China Netcom, China Mobile and other wireless search services reached on a number of cooperation agreements. Baidu not only between closely with the operators, and Nokia also established a long-term relationship. Just a short time ago, Baidu has jointly developed with Nokia a letter Nuoji Avignon “Baidu Wizard”, the world’s more than 10 million wireless customers peacekeeping letter search service.

According to Analysys report, Baidu in the wireless search has become a leader in its number of users reached 22.4 million, and the Google number of users has reached 18.5 million (overlapping each other). Analysts pointed out that the traditional Internet search in the area has tremendous advantages in business, enter the wireless search undoubtedly will also have the innate advantages. However, industry experts interviewed by reporters, “said Baidu to become a leader in wireless search, the industry has not been widely expected to. Because the industry has been the focus in Baidu IM, C2C, and other new products and services. From the current Of view, people may have to re-examine Baidu’s strategic layout, its most important strategic-level products – wireless search – has quietly surfaced. Baidu through this strategic layout, it is clear that wireless search market prospects for the future . “The expert also pointed out that the” search + + e-commerce “is able to provide wireless search of a future integrated wireless Internet services, e-commerce and convergence will help wireless search was continuing a steady income growth.

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